Introducing the brand newHPI Racing2015 FordMustang RTR Spec 5RS4 sport 3! happen the awesomeness ofVaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR Spec 5 into your hands in 1/10th scaleRC form, the recent RS4 sport 3 kit is ready to Rock her RC world!The super realistic Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 human body is coupled with aset that replica HRE technology 7 wheels for over the peak scale realism.Under the hood, this 1/10thscale Mustang is equipped v thelatest HPI gyeongju Touring vehicle chassis, the RS4 sports 3. With fulltime shaftdriven4WD, a completely sealed drivetrain,waterproof 2.4 GHzelectronics/radio gear, fully independentdoublewishbone suspension and flexible oil fill shocksit’s prepared to absent in any condition.

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The RS4 sports 3 is powered by the HPI Firebolt 15-turnmotor and also is controlled by a waterproof HPI rate controller forreliable and also trustworthy operation. An fastened box houses the2.4GHz radio receiver, ensuring that you have consistent controlthrough the HPI pistol-grip steering wheel transmitter.

The drivetrain of all the RS4 sport 3 models attributes themotor mounted longitudinally in the molded chassis, beside thelong driveshaft that goes under the center of the car. Bevel geardiffs in ~ each end of the car transfer power from the driveshaft tothe dogbones and axles the drive each wheel. The entiredrivetrain, consisting of the pinion and spur gears, central driveshaftand gear diffs, is fully sealed to protectthe drivetrainfrom rocks and also debris. The battery box is huge enough tofit any type of standard battery size, even NiMH 7-cell batteries, held inplace by a big hook-and-loop strap, and also you have the right to move the batterypositionformore traction or steering.

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The suspension that the RS4 sport 3 uses the samerace-proven double-wishbone suspension andcoilover-styleoil-filled shock absorbers setupthat genuine racing cars use, sonot only does it look realistic and cool, it"s additionally instantlyfamiliar because that racers to get used to. Tuning the suspension is madepossible with alternating shock mounting locations, and also many optionssuch as springs, aluminum shocks and carbon fiber shock towers willbe easily accessible for everyone wanting to make this right into a formidable clubracer.



All-new RS4 sports 3 designFactory-assembled Ready-To-RunFully attached 4WD obelisk driveHPI Firebolt 15-turn motor installedEncased pinion & spur gearSealed metal equipment diffs capable of dealing with brushlesspowerHPI 2.4GHz radio device with pistol-grip radioWaterproof SC-3SWP2 rate controllerBattery box fits typical LiPo battery & approximately 7-cellNiMHBattery position is flexible for extra traction or increasedsteeringThick hook-and-loop strap holds battery in placeEnclosed receiver situation protects native the elementsDouble-wishbone suspension designComposite oil-filled threaded shock absorbersComplete collection of sphere bearingsOfficially licensed, prepainted & in-depth replica Ford MustangRTR Spec 5Licensed replica environment-friendly RTR by HRE technology 7 wheelsOption parts easily accessible include: carbon fiber shock towers,universal dogbones, aluminum shocks and also more

The RS4 Sport3 2015 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5is getting here inJanuary!