We love Serena Williams, and that’s due to the fact that she’s a champion both in tennis courts and also in she off-court ventures. Very first it was her very first clothing line dubbed Aneres, and also then the attend to Mission Skincare. Looks choose she’s busy also when it’s off-season because that tennis matches. Serena Williams unveiled she designs for the house Shopping Network and we deserve to see the the girl loves an excellent bags and shiny jewelries. The heat is called “Signature Statement” and also here castle are.

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That’s one cute bag. We execute hope there will be an ext bags!


Loving the wide variety of the jewelry. Girl is serious!

Serena said, “I always want to make a statement, both on and also off the court. Among my dreams has constantly been come share gorgeous gifts of fashion and also luxury through the world. Off the court, my passion is fashion. Signature explain is my own line that accessories and also fashion, complete from jewel to dresses.”

By collaborating with HSN, Serena join the likes the Iman and Paula Abdul, that have also developed their very own line of accessories. And like Iman and Paula Abdul, Serena is truly connected in creating the collection. With prices ranging from $29.95 come $100, us think she’ll fight it big in v the jewel fans.

The repertoire will be officially introduced at HSN top top April 30th, 2009. Walk over to HSN.com ideal now and also sign up because that premiere notifications.

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O.P.I. ‘Glam Slam’ by Serena WilliamsNailsDiscontinued


Mission skincare Lip Balmer x Serena WilliamsSkin CareDiscontinued


Serena Williams because that HSNHandbags, Jewelry, Women"s ClothingAvailable Now


Aneres by Serena WilliamsWomen"s ClothingDiscontinued

About Serena Williams

Serena Jameka Williams (born September 26, 1981) is an American skilled tennis player who is right now ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis. The Women’s Tennis association (WTA) has ranked her civilization No. 1 in singles on six different occasions. She became the civilization No. 1 for the first time ~ above July 8, 2002, and also regained this ranking because that the sixth time ~ above February 18, 2013, ending up being the oldest civilization no. 1 player in WTA’s history. Williams is likewise regarded by part experts and also former tennis players to it is in the biggest female tennis player in history. She is the just female player to have actually won over $60 million in prize money, and also is the reigning Australian Open, us Open, WTA tourism Championships and Olympic ladies singles champion.

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