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I Can"t think You"ve excellent This refers to a viral video of an English teen beginning a video, obtaining punched in the face, and also replying, "Ah fuck, i can"t think you"ve excellent this!" The video was commemorated for the understated method with which the teen says the line, which human being saw together a an extremely "British" solution to getting punched. Since being uploaded to YouTube in 2007, the video has been supplied as a recommendation in various other memes, frequently as a catchphrase, but also as a sound result in lip-dub skits and also other remixes.

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On July 13th, 2007, YouTuber PWee28 (Paul Weedon) uploaded<4> the original video of the teen getting punched (shown below). The video accumulated end 12 million in 14 years.

So, basically, what i was reasoning of was… Ah fuck, ns can"t believe you"ve done this!


On November 8th, 2007, a an interpretation for the expression was uploaded come Urban dictionary (shown below).<1>


Elsewhere online, the video clip was celebrated with a YTMND. <2> top top January 11th, 2015, a thread about the video clip was post to Reddit and gained end 4,100 points.<3> The video has long influenced parody videos top top YouTube. End ten years due to the fact that the original was posted, among the most renowned parodies, post by Merlin Merlout on march 19th, 2018, features a cat and has got over 2 million see (shown below, left). One more popular parody posted by kmlkmljkl provided Peppa Pig and also gained over 580,000 views (shown below, right).

Documentary Announcement

On June 21st. 2021, PWee28 post a video clip announcing a documentary around the video. The announcement video received over 352,000 views on YouTube<5> in three months (shown below).

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Temporary Removal from YouTube

On September 28th, 2021, Paul Weedon tweeted<6> that YouTube took down the original upload of the video due come "violent content." The company later garbage the appeal submitted by Weedon<7> in i m sorry he mentioned that the video was "a part of net culture."


tristandross, who said "this is prefer if who at the louvre decided on a whim to litter the mona lisa in a skip."

Late in the job on September 29th, YouTube ultimately revived the video, stating the removing it was "a failure on your end" in a tweet indigenous their main Twitter<9> account.