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I Don"t believe In that Nonsense, additionally known So True, describes a collection of Wojak Comics mim likening pseudosciences, parasciences and also actual scientific researches to astrology, thus claiming lock are additionally a pseudoscience, or otherwise disregarded them as invalid.

ArizonaReloaded made the earliest discovered repost the the meme following the format. In the original meme, one exchange in between Daddy"s Girl and also Soyjak take away place, with Soyjak stating that he walk not believe in astrology, a pseudoscience, but at the same time believes in the scientific validity that the Myers–Briggs form Indicator, reacting through the "bean mouth" smile, a typical facet of the CalArts cartoon drawing style.

The repost (shown below) received over 140 retweets and also comments and also 590 likes in one month.



In June 2020, the style received moderate spread online, with the format being provided to liken the validity of assorted pseudosciences and non-sciences to that of astrology. For example, ~ above July 2nd, 2020, Twitter<2> user
ne0liberal made together a to compare for communist (shown below, left), getting over 40 retweets and comments and also 430 likes in one month. On June 16th, 2020, VK<3> group Клуб друзей психоанализа post a meme around Lacan"s graph that desire (shown below, right), acquiring over 100 likes in 3 weeks.


gweenteazzz supplied the meme come liken the period table come astrology, with the write-up gaining end 11,200 retweets and comments and 75,300 likes (shown below). In the adhering to hours, multiple individuals posted responses making funny of the meme.<5><6><7>


In early on July 2020, the layout saw remarkable spread virtual on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and also other websites.



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