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who y"all talkin come man?UhhCheck it out, inspect it outThis below goes outTo all the niggaz the be fuckin foolish bitchesIn other niggaz cribsThinkin shit is sweetNigga creep up on her ass, hahahaLive niggaz respect it, inspect itI kick flows for ya, kick under doors for yaEven left all my motherfuckin hoes for yaNiggaz think Frankie pussy whipped, nigga picture thatWith a Kodak, Insta-ma-takWe don"t acquire down like that, put my game down quite flatSweetness, where you parked at?Petiteness yet that ass fatShe acquired a body make a nigga wanna eat that, I"m posesthe witchuThe bitch main doe, cock harder 보다 a missile yoTry come hit if she trippin dissapearin prefer ArsenioYo, the bitch push a double-ohWith the five in front, most likely a connivin stuntY"all journey in front, I"m a peel with herFind a deal with her, she fuck around and also steal, huh?Then we all gain lacedTelevision"s, Versacci heaven, when I"m up in emThe shit she kicked, all the shit"s legitShe get penis from a player off the brand-new York KnicksNigga cheat ridiculous, the shit was plushShe"s stressin me to fuck, choose she remained in a rushWe fucked in his bed, quite dangerousI"m in his ass while that playin gainst the Utah JazzMy 112, CD blast, i was pastShe came twice I come last, role the grassShe giggle, sayin" I"m smokin" top top homegrownThen ns heard a moan, love husband I"m homeYep, carry chrome for instances like thisI"m up in his vast I know he won"t choose thisNow I"m like bitch you far better talk to himBefore this fist placed a spark to himFuck around shit obtain dark come him, put a component through himLose a major part to him, arm, legShe beggin me to stop but this cat gettin closerGettin hot like a toaster, ns cocks the toast, uhhBefore mine eyes can blinkShe screams out, "Honey carry me increase somethin to drink!"He go ago downstairs much more time come thinkHer mind racin, she"s tellin me to remain patientShe don"t recognize I"m, cool together a fanGat in hand, ns don"t wanna blast she manBut i can and also I will doe, I probably chill doeEven though instance lookin kinda I"ll yoIt involved me choose a song I wroteTold the bitch gimme your scarf, pillowcase and ropeGot dressed quick, bound the scarf roughly my faceRoped the bitch up, gagged she mouth with the pillowcasePlay the cut, nigga comin off some love medicine shitFlash the warm on em, the stood emotionlessDropped the glass screamin, "Don"t blast here"s the stash,A hundred cash just don"t shoot my ass, please!"Nigga pullin mad G"s out the floorPut stacks in a Prada knapsack, struggle the doorGrab the keys to the five, call my niggaz ~ above the cellBring some weed I acquired a story come tell, uhh...Yo man, y"all niggaz ain"t gonna believe what the fuck occurred to me.Remember that bitch ns left the club v man? Yo, freaky yo. I"m increase inThis bitch playin this bitch fuckin wit" one of them ol Nick ass niggaz and shit,I"m up in the point out though. One of them six-five niggaz, i don"t know.Anyway I"m up in the motherfuckin spot, so eight I"m increase in the pussy,Whatever whatever. Ns sparks up part live, Pop fight it out creeps up in top top some,Must have been rained out or miscellaneous *laughing* due to the fact that he"s in theSpot. Had me scared, had me scared to DEATH, ns was shook daddy - yet I forget IHad mine Roscoe ~ above me. Always. Girlfriend know just how we do. Therefore anyway the niggaComes increase the stairs, the creepin increase the steps, the bitch every shook sheSends the nigga earlier downstairs to get some drinks and shit. She gettinMad nervous, I stated fuck that man! I"m the nigga, friend know how we perform itNigga, ransom note format put the scarf around my motherfuckin face,Gagged that bitch up, played the kizzack. Soon this nigga come up inThe spot, speed the Desert in his confront he autumn the glass. Looked likeThe nigga pissed on his-self or somethin, word come mother! Ahh fuckitThis nigga runs dead to the floor, peels up the carpet, begin givin meMad paper, foolish papers. (I called you that bitch was a shiesty bitch "cause!Word to mother I used to fuck her cousin however you ain"t understand that! Hahaha.You wouldn"t know that shit. Really though.) ns threw every thatMotherfuckin money increase in the Prada knapsack. Two words, I"m gone!(No doubt, no doubt... No doubt!) Yo nigga obtained some live, y"all gotSome live? You got that dutch baby? *conversation fades out*