It seems like just yesterday ns wandered into Lustre Pearl because that the first time. It to be the just bar in the ar at the point, and offered an escape from downtown the was as equally refreshing together their cheap beer offered in totally free coozies.

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The street has progressed tremendously due to the fact that then, and also while ns loved it together a secret hideout from the remainder of Austin, the expansion has presented a varied offering the both food and also drink.

We started the ide of this short article as a ‘complete guide to Rainey Street,’ however then assumed it might be more rewarding to produce a scavenger hunt-style checklist of unique things to do at every of our favourite bars/restaurants ~ above the block.

While we advise against trying to conquer all of these in one day; if you finish the checklist, short article pictures (or it no happen) come Instagram v the hashtag #365RaineyStreetChallenge and also tag united state — fine send girlfriend a free copy of 100 points To do In Austin before You Die, and give you a shoutout for your accomplishments.


1. Bangers– go for brunch on a Sunday and also order the Manmosa- a full bottle of champagne in a large mug with a splash that OJ or Cranberry Juice.

2. Craft pride – Ask among the exceptionally knowledgeable bartenders what present craft beer offering would pair finest with a pepperoni pizza, then walk out ago and order The Detroiter from regional pizza heroes VIA 313.
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6. Clive – among the Rainey originals, Clive still has actually one of the many beautiful bar interiors on the street. Bespeak an Old Fashioned or a glass the wine; take it it the end to the patio- rinse and also repeat.

7. Icenhauer’s – The titles on your drink food selection are every girl’s names. If her name is listed, stimulate that. If the isn’t, cover up the next of the food selection that lists ingredients, and order the name the speaks come you the most.

Bonus: There’s additionally a delicious off-menu cocktail named The Ashley. It consists of hatch Chile Infused Espolon silver- Tequila, Mango, Red Pepper an easy Syrup and also Fresh Lime Juice. Once in doubt, stimulate this.


8. The Blackheart – Blackheart to be recently named one of the top 20 bourbon/whiskey bars in the country. Questioning the bartender because that a recommendation and also enjoy the cost-free live music that starts in ~ 9pm every night that the week.

9. Lucille – Come here thirsty, then ‘like’ Lucille on on facebook for 20% turn off your total tab (weekdays only).

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10. Geraldine The Rainey Street Guinea bird – Snap a picture of Geraldine, one of Rainey Street‘s most famous residents. She’s generally roaming approximately near the south finish of Rainey. Please be respectful though, her when quaint neighborhood has been turned into 6th street‘s aggressive tiny brother.
Update: Geraldine was regrettably hit through a automobile shortly ~ this was created