I am grateful that we deserve to be with each other here, albeit virtually. I am grateful for the an innovation that allows us to satisfy this moment. I am right here with you during this current pandemic. Though we room physically distant, we can still it is in spiritually intimate. Every my events will happen online until further notice. 

I am excited to share myself through you here. Many world know me together “Rachel Kann, poet.” What i’m most known for space my talked word performances. I’m yes, really fortunate that i have had actually the possibility to share my work in this way all over the world. My composing is likewise featured top top Hevria, whereby my poem, “What come Tell the Children,” created a gracious ripple in the global spiritual community.

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It’s no surprise, then, that world tend come think the me together a person of words…and…yes! No doubt, i do love words…but linguistic language is just one form of communication. I’ve pertained to realize that the truth of that is, what i really choose is communication itself. Being in connection; in communion. Communication, in myriad manifestations. Even if it is it is with a live performance, leading workshops, classes, ritual or ceremony. The course, that way wordlessly, as well: in the form of dance, in the type of meditation, in the kind of energy.

For me, bliss is as soon as I to be in flow, truly connecting, feeling authentic, structure a bridge from my in ~ my soul to the external through the action of communication. Because that example, i can’t help but establish Paradise behind a microphone.

We all have actually our own paradise inside us. We all have our very own flow. I want you to uncover the sweet relief that leads to her own proceeding expansiveness and authenticity. I want to party in the garden v your unguarded heart!

I weave together my learning in spirituality and also mysticism with my down-to-earth irreverence in devotion to producing an experience that call you right into the here and now come awaken and initiate emotionally healing.

I understand what it’s prefer to be in so lot darkness friend can’t find your method out. To feel so creatively blocked the you can’t breathe. To repaint yourself into a corner so tiny, it feels choose there’s i do not have anything to exist.

I share your painful deep inward journeys. I understand what it is favor to experience numbing and un-numbing. Come realize the you have actually silenced and shut down parts of yourself. To endure your very own trauma and demons climbing up to meet you. I recognize what the feels favor to think you don’t have actually a right to…just be.

I nothing wish suffering on anyone, myself included. And…there is medicine in this pain. I pick to fulfill the minute with curiosity, aware I can’t possibly have all the answers, v a desire to alchemize it right into understanding, empathy, poetry, ritual, connection and also community…and climate take it on phase for you.

Friends, ns am not going come pretend over there are any quick fixes. I am not going to try to offer you a bill of goods wrapped in new-age jargon. That sort of nonsense, when tantalizing, is part of the old, capitalist, patriarchal model, and also I am comes to you direct from the leaf of possibility, a future where we speak from our integrity.

Here’s the truth:

As long as you room alive, the unfolding continues.

You never get it done. Reaching the conclusion = death. The time to transition to the following level will certainly come for all of us, that guaranteed. But for now, below we room on earth, continually longing, yearning, amending, peeling earlier the layers, finding more sweetness we can broaden on, and an ext suffering that we have the right to release.
In mine garden, I want to produce a for sure & sacred an are for every human being to experience sweet relief.I want to invite you come open, come reconnect with the components of your heart. To feeling seen, heard, and understood.

I do this by structure a leg right here in the five-sensory world, therefore we have the right to all feeling connected, one.

Whether you room experiencing mine poetry via live performance, audio, video, or by reading a good old-fashioned book, ns am inviting friend to recognize your own sweetness, to befriend her authentic self. To love and also maybe also hug yourself. Come feel fully expressed.
My bio in brief…Kohenet (ordained Hebrew Priestess) Rachel Kann is a dedication poet and also ceremonialist. She presented as a Hebrew Shamanic Practitioner at the 2021 Jewish Psychedelic Summit. She is the 2021 Writer-in-Residence for Brandeis Collegiate Institute.

A lifelong curious-type, she completed an apprenticeship in plant medicine in addition to gift certified in Jewish power Healing. She is currently apprenticing in Hebrew Shamanism (Goddess Cycle) v Miriam Katz.

She to be the 2020 new England Jewish poetry Festival’s Featured Poet and a 2020 Cosmic sisters “Women the The Psychedelic Renaissance” awardee for her poetry presentation at the 2020 spirit Plant medicine Conference. 

She is a WORD: Bruce Geller Memorial prize recipient because that her latest poetry collection, How to Bless the brand-new Moon, from Ben Yehuda Press. She leads Realize Paradise imagination Workshops, spirit Journeys and brand-new Moon Circles. Her city film, The Quickening, was an official an option for the Anaheim worldwide Film Festival. She to be the 2017 exceptional Instructor the the Year at UCLA expansion Writers’ Program. 

I priestessI lead Realize paradise Journeys, which space one-of-a-kind experiences combining meditation, poetry, chanting, rhythm and also embodiment, in a no-pressure environment, supposed to induce feel of joy, well-being and also transcendence in spiritual spaces prefer Town and village Shul in NYC and Mishkon Tephilo in Los Angeles.I perform one-on-one Priestessing Sessions in person and remotely, utilizing multiple modalities to aid people re-invite interior kindness towards their very own soul and also thus, reconnect with their very own intuition and love their truest selves.I command rituals and also services that assist reawaken and reimagine the spiritual as an essential for organizations like NuRoots.

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I teachI’m the 2017 impressive Instructor the the Year at UCLA extension Writers’ Program, where I teach poetry and also fiction.I teach creative expression and poetry workshops for all levels and all stages and also ages almost everywhere the world, in person and online.I coach authors in one-on-one sessions for thorough soul-work and also publishable credibility.I command spiritual aromatherapy workshops incorporating the Tree that Life for establishments like, Aleph’s Kallah, NuRoots and also Shmayim V’Eretz.