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I Wanna put You In 7 Positions for 70 minutes You get It Bae through Tory Lanez Ft. Kris Brown

Mp3 i Wanna placed You In 7 Positions because that 70 minutes You get It Bae by Tory Lanez Ft. Chris Brown

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Take you downWhat ns aboutTake friend downWhat ns aboutTake girlfriend downI yes, really wanna take you downAnd show you what I’m aboutCan i take girlfriend down?Your body, body, ohYour body, body up and also down

I’m gonna put you in seven positions for seventy minutes, you get it, babeYou got a many on your mind, and also I wanna lull it up and also lick it and slip the inYou perform a light scream on the ice cream when I scoop it and also dip that inUnzippin’ the tight jeans and also that feminine restroom is magnificentTryna display you, girl, ns differentI acquire to lickin’, and also stickin’, and lickin’, and stickin’ it‘Til the pussy acquire too wet and also it’s drippin’And splittin’ both castle legs favor dividendsIf it end up exactly how I desire it, then you’ll finish up sittin’ all over my bottom lip, babyThe feelin’ that fuckin’ you, feelings all up in youMake it difficult for you to party ’em, babyThis penis is too large just to swallow it, babyBut quiet you do it like it’s ThanksgivingAnd friend gobblin’, gobblin’, gobblin’, gobblin’, babyLike what’s a goon come a goblin, baby?That pussy hotter than the summer June in Metropolis, babyNo hidin’ it, babyShe know what the is as soon as I come aroundLet me take you down

It ain’t my very first time, yet baby girl, let’s gain it in, yes (Let it’s acquire in, yeah)Bump and also grind, currently know (Already know, oh)I wanna take it you down again (Take you under again)Hit the rewind button, oh-oh (Oh-oh)

Now permit me take you downReally wanna take it you down, girlfriend down, you down (Ooh)Take you under (I do), right now (Right now)You recognize I know exactly how (Oh-woah)

Come put that shit every on top of me, babyI’m the one lock feelin’, for this reason they copy me, babyGot that copywritten, it is my property, babyAnd the method that she whip it, it’s drivin’ me stunner (Huh)Think I’ve to be hittin’ the lottery, babyBuy friend a Wraith, I’ma give you mine safePut friend in apartments, girlfriend parkin’ in placesYeah, that’s the real-life Monopoly, babyWe acquired all night to gain it right, babeSo let me playWe acquired our entirety damn life, babySo below we are, every alone in this roomGirl, you recognize what I pertained to doKnow you obtained me on your radio playin’, old college CBIt’s simply me and also you

It ain’t my an initial time, but baby girl, let’s gain it in, yeah (Oh-woah, us don’t need)Bump and grind, currently know (You already know)I wanna take you under again (Oh-woah)Hit that rewind button, oh-oh

Now allow me take you downReally wanna take you down (I wanna take it you down), you down, you down (Ooh)Take girlfriend down, right currently (Right now)You recognize I know exactly how (I understand how), ooh

Ooh, yeah, loveI promise no to provide it to nobody, babe (You understand I)And promise friend won’t offer it to nobody, babe (Know I)And promise as soon as you promise, store them assures (Yeah, yeah)I promise not to provide it come nobody, babe (Ooh, woah)And promise friend won’t offer it to nobody, babe (Oh)And promise once you promise, store them guarantees (Woah)I promise not to offer it to nobody, babe (If you feel me, allow me hear girlfriend say)I promise no to provide it come nobody, babe (Yeah, yeah, yeah)And promise you won’t offer it come nobody, babe (Ooh)And promise once you promise, store them guarantees (Woah)I promise no to offer it come nobody, babe (Keep your promises)I promise no to provide it to nobody, babeAnd promise girlfriend won’t offer it come nobody, babeAnd promise once you promise, save them promises

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