A massive is attached come a vertical spring. The fixed exhibits simple harmonic motion in between points A and also B. I m sorry of the complying with statements space true?
- The mass is located midway between points A and B when its kinetic energy is in ~ maximum. - The fixed is situated at either suggest A or B as soon as its kinetic power is in ~ minimum.

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A basic pendulum is composed of a suggest mass rely by a weightless, rigid wire in a uniform gravitation field. Which of the adhering to statements space true as soon as the mechanism undergoes little oscillations?
A horn produce sound through frequency f0. Allow the frequency girlfriend hear once you are at rest and also the horn moves towards you through a speed u be f1 ; allow the frequency you hear as soon as the horn is in ~ rest and also you relocate toward it with a rate u be f2. Is f1 better than, less than, or same to f2? Why?
Greater than. A moving source causes the tide crests come "bunch up," bring about a greater frequency than for a moving observer.
Two tide pulses pass each various other on a string. The pulse traveling towards the right has actually positive amplitude, conversely, the pulse traveling toward the left has equal amplitude in the negative direction. What happens when they accounting the same an ar of room at the very same time?
For a wave, what ax is characterized as the distance in between two succeeding crests or two successive troughs?
The frequency that a wave increases. If the speed of the wave continues to be constant, what wake up to the distance in between successive crests?
A standing wave is established on a string that is solved at both ends. If the cable is vibrating in ~ its an essential frequency, just how is the size of the string concerned the wavelength that the stand wave?
Which of the complying with statements are true for picture formed through a aircraft mirror once the object is put in front of the mirror?
- The image constantly appears to be situated the very same distance behind the mirror together the thing is located in prior of the mirror. - The image created by a airplane mirror is constantly a digital image. - The image developed by a aircraft mirror is always an upright image.
- for an upright image, the magnification is positive; for an turning back image, the magnification is negative. - as soon as the thing is top top the same side of the mirroring or refracting surface ar as the just arrived light, the object street is positive; otherwise, the is negative. - as soon as the center of curvature of a spherical mirror is ~ above the same side together the reflected light, the radius that curvature is positive; otherwise, that is negative.
Suppose a beam of light traveling in a product with an table of contents of refraction na reaches an user interface with a material having an table of contents of refraction nb. I beg your pardon of the following statements should be true for full internal reflection come occur?
- A convex mirror always produces an upright image of things placed in former of it. - A convex mirror constantly produces a virtual picture of an object placed in prior of it.
You have two lenses: lens 1 v a focal length of 0.45 cm and lens 2 through a focal length of 1.9 cm. If you construct a microscopic lense with these lenses, i m sorry one need to you use as the objective?
we have to pick the 0.45-cm lens to it is in the target bc when building a microscopic lense you want the smaller focal length to it is in the objective and also the bigger focal size to be the eye piece.
- Nearsightedness deserve to be corrected through a diverging lens. - Astigmatism refers to a defect in i m sorry the surface ar of the cornea is not spherical. Instead, it is an ext sharply curved in one plane than another- The far suggest of the normal eye is infinity.

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- In a link microscope, the last image is a digital image.- In a compound microscope, the image developed by the target lens is a real image.
A police detective discovers eyeglasses with a focal length of − 90.0 cm at a crime scene. If the eyeglasses belong to the suspect, is the doubt nearsighted or farsighted? A find of a person"s residence reveals one eyeglass prescription of − 0.75 diopter. Is the person the suspect?