The well known title track of the 1986 music (and later 2004 movie) Phantom of the Opera. This monitor depicts the titular Phantom luring Christine Daae down to his lair underneath… read More 

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In sleep the sang come me, in dreams he cameThat voice i m sorry calls to me and speaks my nameAnd carry out I dream again? For currently I findThe Phantom of the Opera is thereInside mine mindSing as soon as again with me, ours strange duetMy strength over girlfriend grows stronger yetAnd despite you turn from me come glance behindThe Phantom of the Opera is thereInside your mindThose who have seen her faceDraw ago in fearI am the mask you wearIt's me they hear...

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Your/My spirit and my/your voiceIn one combinedThe Phantom that the Opera is thereInside my/your mind
Beware, the Phantom that the OperaIn all your fantasies, you always knewThat man and also mysteryWere both in youAnd in this labyrinth, wherein night is blindThe Phantom the the Opera is here/thereInside my/your mind...Sing, my angel of Music!He's there, the Phantom of the OperaSing!Sing for meSing, my point of view of Music!Sing for me!
I have lugged youTo the seat of sweet music's throneTo this kingdom whereby all need to pay homage to musicMusic...You have come hereFor one purpose and one aloneSince the minute I an initial heard friend singI have needed you through me to serve me, come singFor mine musicMy music...
The renowned title monitor of the 1986 musical (and later on 2004 movie) Phantom that the Opera. This monitor depicts the titular Phantom luring Christine Daae under to his lair under the opera house. Along the way, lock both sing about their particular experiences, with the Phantom seducing Christine and Christine seemingly giving in.

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