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I've come through countless hard trialsThrough temptations ~ above every handThough Satan's do the efforts to avoid meAnd to location my feet on sinking sandThrough the pains and all of my sorrowsThrough the tears and all of my fearsThe mr was over there to store meFor He's preserved me in the midst of it allNot because I've been so faithfulNot due to the fact that I've constantly obeyedNo, it's not because I reliable HimTo be through me every one of the wayBut it's since He loves me for this reason dearlyHe was there to answer mine callHe to be there constantly to safeguard meFor He's preserved me in the middle of the allI've come through (Oh yes, ns have) numerous hard trials(Through temptation ~ above every hand)Through temptations top top every hand(And Satan was there)Though Satan's do the efforts to stop me (Trying to prevent me)And to ar my feet (On sinking sand) top top sinking sand(Oh, however Jesus loves me for this reason dearly)But Jesus loves me dearly (Yes, the does)He to be there (He was there) to answer my calls(To prize every call, yes, that was, He to be there)There constantly (Always) to safeguard me(To protect me, and He kept)For He's maintained me in the middle of the all
(Oh, no, no, no, he never)No, he's never ever (Never) left me (Never left me, yes)And he's never (He's never ever let me, never let me fall) permit me fallOh yes He will (He will) safeguard you(Protect you, I know He will)For He's kept me (He's kept me) in the midst of it all(Oh, oh, oh, oh)No, he's never ever (No) left me (He will never ever leave you)And he's never let me fall(Because He never let me fall)Oh yes (Yes, the will) He will certainly (He will) safeguard you(Protect you, yes, he will)For He's kept me in the middle of that (All, all, all, all, yeah)Oh, yes (Yes), He preserved me (He's maintained me)He preserved me when times to be hard and also rough, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yes)He's preserved me (Jesus kept me)I assumed I might do it on my ownBut Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (Yes)Jesus, Jesus, Jesus (He's kept me)He kept me once I wanted to carry out wrong, yes, he didHe preserved me, yeah, yes (Yes)He maintained me (Jesus retained me)When I assumed I to be going to shed my mind, Jesus kept me(Jesus maintained me)With His power, Jesus maintained me (Jesus preserved me)He didn't permit me fall, Jesus kept me (Jesus maintained me)Right there, right there in the midst, in the midst of it all(In the midst of the all, yes)Yeah, ns don't understand what you're going v (Jesus preserved me)But will certainly you enable me come encourage you? (Jesus kept me)I know if that did it for me, for me, for me (Jesus retained me)For me, for me, because that me, because that me, that will execute the same for you, yeah(In the middle of that all)Jesus, Jesus (Yes, the did)Jesus, Jesus (Yes, that did)I don't understand nobody rather (Yes, the did)To speak to on in times of trouble (Jesus did)I do the efforts my mom (Yes, that did)And I recognize she loves me (Yes, that did)I make the efforts my family (Yes, he did), wooAnd I know that the loves me (Jesus did)But no, no, no, no, no, no, no (Yes)No, no, no, no one (Yes)Nobody however Jesus (Yes), wooNobody yet Jesus (Jesus did)He hosted my hand (Yes)He lugged me through (Yes)He wouldn't permit me fall (Yes)So allow me encourage you (Jesus did)Don't give up (Yes, the did)Don't provide in (Yes, that did)I don't care what nobody rather say (Yes, that did)You can win (Jesus did)With Jesus, with Jesus, through Jesus (Yes, the did)With Jesus, you have the right to make it (Yes, the did)Come on and also understand (Yes, the did)You have everything inside of girlfriend to take it (Jesus did)Jesus, Jesus, Jesus