Quickly and easily create a wide variety of common and also special function jigs and also fixtures the you typically find hanging top top the walls and rafters in just about any woodshop. The INCRA Build-It...

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Quickly and easily produce a wide variety of common and also special objective jigs and fixtures that you typically find hanging on the walls and also rafters in just around any woodshop. The INCRA Build-It Modular Jig & Fixture Platform system is a very versatile new method for developing those jigs and also fixtures. The Build-It System starts with INCRA"s Miter Slider flexible aluminum runners. This tried and also true jig and fixture runners have become a workshop clip for the manufacturing of sliding and fixed base jigs, however the true “punch” in the device occurs once these are an unified with the new INCRA Build-It Panels and T-Slot dashboard Connectors. The Build-It Panels room pre-cut and pre-drilled to instantly accept all of the contents of the system. Add a Miter Slider in seconds and it"s instantly square to your experienced blade v no tedious measure or drilling required, then mount a fence in moments utilizing the counter-bored mounting holes. The “glue” that holds everything together is INCRA"s innovative brand-new T-Slot dashboard Connector. This specially design aluminum materials serve to concurrently interconnect the panels and administer a rock solid T-Slot for including and holding jig accessories, fences, stops, Build-It organize Down Clamps and Build-It L-Brackets. V this new system, collection up and also connection is easily completed with a screwdriver and also the consisted of fasteners. Kit includes every one of the Build-It System components you"ll have to produce every one of the helpful jigs shown here and more. Just connect the parts! Starter Kit contains one every of the small & huge MDF basic Panels, 18" Miter Slider, hold Down Clamp, L-Bracket pair, 1/4"-20 Knob Kit, 18" T-track, 18" T-track Plus and two 18" T-slot panel Connectors.

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Plus 5 complimentary jig plans!Make coping sled, Diisc sander jig, shooter board squaring jig and also tenoning jig with brand-new INCRA BuildNew method for quickly and also easily creating very wide variety of common and also special objective jWork v all INCRA track & INCRA T-Track components and also accessories

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