Last year Intex released an blow up hot bath tub in octagonal shape which is suitable for up to 4 people, named Intex 120 Bubble jets 4 person Octagonal PureSpa. The tub really offers you a great deal v its an excellent performance and also attractive design.

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Without a doubt, countless costumers have actually been satisfied through the top quality of inflatable hot bath tub from Intex. Intex 120 Bubble jet 4 person Octagonal PureSpa is certain a great choice. The design offers friend several good features at a quite reasonable price. Stop explore much more about what this inflatable hot bathtub offers.
intex hot tubscredit: Walmart

The Design

If many of the inflatable hot tubs are available in ring shape, this model is octagonal. It method that the bath tub has more spacious room that deserve to fit approximately 4 adult civilization to sit comfortable inside. The innovative octagonal shape additionally looks great to location in her backyard, offering you a more modern-day and innovative look that an inflatable spa.PureSpa Octagonal comes with 59 inches inside diameter and 28 customs depth, big enough because that a practically relaxing time v your household or friends.

The Construction

Intex has a an excellent reputation in producing durable inflatable hot tub, and so through this model. The Fiber Tech building and construction with sturdy 3-ply laminated material makes the tub not only durable but likewise comfortable come use, even if you sit ~ above the next of the tub.

The Performance

This octagonal blow up hot bathtub is equipped through 4 powerful hydrotherapy jets and also 120 bubble jets to provide you the enjoyable spa experience. The jets deserve to be readjusted easily through the regulate panel, by just touching the button. One incredible thing around the panel is that it is defended with transparent plastic covering to safeguard the panel from water and additionally child safety.For the heating, the bathtub can with 104 degrees F best temperature v its 1,300 W heater. The temperature rise is roughly 2 to 3 degrees F per hour, that takes around 24 hours to reach the preferably level in 20 levels F ambient temperature.To store the heat stays longer, the 5 mm base sheet is provided, and the inflatable foil inside wall fitted cover the you can use throughout the heating process and to protect the tub from debris or dirt. (Read also: Oasis Hot bath tub To Buy)

Water Care

The healthy water surely provides you the ideal spa sensation. Because that this, the built-in water therapy that can soften the hard water is provided, without costing you any kind of extra job.

The Installation

Obviously, the tub is very easy to install, it can inflate through itself with the built-in pump. Over there is no require of tricky electrical installation, just simply plug the bath tub in and also it is prepared to go.

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The Price

The price of the bath tub is roughly $400, however Intex hot tub Walmart is readily available in $373. 

Intex hot Tubs Octagonal PureSpa

intex hot tubs specscredit: Garden Jardinitis


Seating capacityup to 4 human being (adults)Inner diameter59 inch (149 cm)Outer diameter79 customs (200 cm)Height 28 inches (71 cm)Water capacity210 gallons (795 liters)MaterialLaminate PVCHeater Power1,300 watts / 110 – 120 Volt / 60 HzTemperature range68 levels F come 104 degree F (20 degrees C come 40 levels C)Temperature rise2 degrees F come 3 levels F every hour (1 degree C come 1.5 degrees C)Bubble wait blower1.1 HP / 110 – 120 Volt / 60 HzBubble jets120 high-powered bubble jetsWater careBuilt-in difficult water treatmentPackage includes2 filter cartridges, floating chlorine dispenser, inflation pump, water test strips, heater, bring bag, 3- method strips, and also insulated cover
Intex 120 Bubble jet 4 human Octagonal PureSpa is surely a an excellent choice if girlfriend are trying to find reliable and likewise an affordable hot tub. The look that is various from traditional round spa is therefore attractive the is perfect to place everywhere you wish. The high powered jets v its well-proven water treatment mechanism are very beneficial to support its hydrotherapy performance. You don’t also have to worry about the installation that doesn’t require any type of special or tricky jobs.It is together a great inflatable spa to provide you fun relaxing time with friends and also family or restoring your body and soul after turbulent weekdays. The price tag is a bit higher than the an easy round inflatable warm tub. The is because the octagonal shape is more complicated to build by the manufacturer. Yet having a beautiful spa in her backyard v out that the box architecture will simply amaze everyone.