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Which characteristic of the network layer in the OSI model enables carrying packets for multiple species of communications among many hosts?the de-encapsulation of headers from lower layersthe selection of paths for and also direct packets toward the destinationthe ability to operate without regard to the data the is carried in every packet*the capability to manage the data transport between processes running on hosts

Explain:The duty of the network class protocols mentions the packet structure and also processing offered to bring the data from one organize to another host. The actual communication data is encapsulated in the network class PDU. The feature of its operation without regard to the data brought in every packet enables the network great to carry packets for multiple species of communications.

What are two qualities of IP? (Choose two.)does not need a devoted end-to-end connection *operates individually of the network media*retransmits packets if errors occurre-assembles out of bespeak packets into the exactly order at the recipient endguarantees delivery of packets

Explain:The web Protocol (IP) is a connectionless, finest effort protocol. This method that IP needs no end-to-end link nor does that guarantee delivery of packets. IP is also media independent, which way it operates separately of the network media transferring the packets.

When a connectionless protocol is in usage at a reduced layer of the OSI model, just how is lacking data detected and retransmitted if necessary?Connectionless acknowledgements are used to request retransmission.Upper-layer connection-oriented protocols keep track that the data received and can request retransmission indigenous the upper-level protocols on the sending out host.*Network layer IP protocols control the communication sessions if connection-oriented transport services are no available.The best-effort delivery procedure guarantees the all packets the are sent are received.

Explain:When connectionless protocols are in use at a lower layer the the OSI model, upper-level protocols may need to job-related together ~ above the sending and receiving hosts to account for and retransmit shed data. In part cases, this is no necessary, since for part applications a particular amount of data loss is tolerable.

Which ar in the IPv4 header is used to stop a packet indigenous traversing a network endlessly?Time-to-Live*Sequence NumberAcknowledgment NumberDifferentiated Services

Explain:The value of the Time-to-Live (TTL) field in the IPv4 header is used to limit the lifetime of a packet. The sending host sets the early TTL value; i m sorry is decreased by one every time the packet is processed by a router. If the TTL ar decrements come zero, the router discards the packet and sends one Internet control Message Protocol (ICMP) Time Exceeded message to the source IP address. The differentiated Services (DS) ar is offered to recognize the priority of every packet. Sequence Number and Acknowledgment Number space two fields in the TCP header.

What IPv4 header ar identifies the top layer protocol brought in the packet?Protocol*IdentificationVersionDifferentiated Services

Explain:It is the Protocol ar in the IP header the identifies the upper-layer protocol the packet is carrying. The Version field identifies the IP version. The Differential Services field is supplied for setup packet priority. The Identification field is provided to reorder fragmentised packets.

What is one advantage that the IPv6 simplified header offers over IPv4?smaller-sized headerlittle need for processing checksumssmaller-sized resource and location IP addressesefficient packet handling*

Explain:The IPv6 streamlined header uses several advantages over IPv4:· better routing efficiency and efficient packet managing for performance and forwarding-rate scalability· No requirement for handling checksums· simplified and an ext efficient extension header instrument (as protest to the IPv4 options field)· A flow Label ar for per-flow handling with no need to open the move inner packet to recognize the various traffic flows

Refer to the exhibit. Which course from the PC1 routing table will be supplied to reach PC2?









Correct answer: A

Explain:PC1 and PC2 are both top top network v mask, so over there is no require to accessibility the default gateway (entry Entrance is the loopback interface and entry identify the PC1 resolve interface.

Refer come the exhibit. R1 receives a packet destined for the IP address Out which user interface will R1 front the packet?

Explain:If a path in the routing table points to a next hop address, the router will execute a second lookup to recognize out which user interface the following hop is located.

What form of route is suggested by the code C in one IPv4 routing table top top a Cisco router?static routedefault routedirectly linked route*dynamic path that is learned with EIGRP

Explain:Some the the IPv4 routing table codes encompass the following:C – straight connectedS – staticD – EIGRP* – candidate default

What routing table entry has actually a following hop attend to associated through a location network?directly-connected routeslocal routesremote routes*C and also L source routes

Explain:Routing table entries because that remote paths will have actually a next hop IP address. The following hop IP address is the attend to of the router user interface of the next an equipment to be used to with the location network. Directly-connected and also local routes have no next hop, because they carry out not call for going through one more router to it is in reached.

Which statement explains a hardware attribute of a Cisco 1941 router that has actually the default hardware configuration?It does not have an AUX port.It has actually three FastEthernet interfaces because that LAN access.It has actually two species of harbor that deserve to be supplied to access the console.*It walk not call for a CPU due to the fact that it depends on Compact speed to run the IOS.

Explain:The relations in a Cisco 1941 router incorporate two varieties of ports the are used for early configuration and also command-line user interface management access. The 2 ports are the constant RJ-45 port and a brand-new USB Type-B (mini-B USB) connector. In addition, the router has actually an AUX port for remote administration access, and also two Gigabit Ethernet interfaces because that LAN access. Compact Flash have the right to be used increase maker storage, however it go not do the features of the CPU, which is compelled for operation of the device.

Following default settings, what is the next step in the router boots sequence after the IOS loads from flash?Perform the write-up routine.Locate and load the startup-config paper from NVRAM.*Load the bootstrap regimen from ROM.Load the running-config file from RAM.

Explain:There are three major steps to the router boots sequence:Perform Power-On-Self-Test (POST)Load the IOS from flash or TFTP serverLoad the startup configuration record from NVRAM

What room two species of router interfaces? (Choose two.)SVILAN*DHCPTelnetWAN*

Explain:Router interfaces have the right to be grouped into two categories:· LAN interfaces – offered for connecting cables the terminate with LAN devices, such together computers and switches. This user interface can likewise be used to affix routers to every other.· WAN interfaces – offered for connecting routers to exterior networks, usually over a larger geographical distance.

Which two pieces of info are in the lamb of a Cisco router throughout normal operation? (Choose two.)Cisco IOS*backup IOS fileIP routing table*basic diagnostic softwarestartup construction file

Explain:The Cisco IOS file is save in flash memory and copied right into RAM during the boot up. The IP routing table is likewise stored in RAM. The basic diagnostic software application is save on computer in ROM and the startup configuration document is stored in NVRAM.

A router boots and also enters setup mode. What is the factor for this?The IOS photo is corrupt.Cisco IOS is lacking from speed memory.The configuration record is missing from NVRAM.*The POST procedure has detected hardware failure.

What is the objective of the startup configuration file on a Cisco router?to facilitate the simple operation the the hardware components of a deviceto contain the regulates that are offered to at first configure a router on startup*to save on computer the configuration regulates that the router IOS is currently usingto carry out a limited backup version of the IOS, in situation the router cannot load the full featured IOS

Explain:The startup configuration file is stored in NVRAM and also contains the commands needed to at first configure a router. It also creates the running configuration record that is save on computer in in RAM.

Which three regulates are provided to collection up secure accessibility to a router through a link to the console interface? (Choose three.)interface fastethernet 0/0line vty 0 4line console 0*enable secret ciscologin *password cisco *

Explain:The three commands needed come password protect the console port space as follows:line console 0password ciscologinTheinterface fastethernet 0/0 command is commonly used to accessibility the configuration setting used come apply details parameters such together the IP address to the Fa0/0 port. The line vty 0 4 command is offered to accessibility the configuration mode for Telnet. The0and 4 parameters specify harbor 0 with 4, or a maximum of 5 simultaneous Telnet connections. The enable an enig command is used to apply a password offered on the router to accessibility the privileged mode.

Which characteristic explains an IPv6 enhancement over IPv4?IPv6 addresses are based upon 128-bit flat addressing together opposed to IPv4 which is based upon 32-bit ordered addressing.The IPv6 header is less complicated than the IPv4 header is, which improves packet handling.*Both IPv4 and IPv6 assistance authentication, yet only IPv6 supports privacy capabilities.The IPv6 address room is 4 times bigger 보다 the IPv4 deal with space.

Explain:IPv6 addresses are based on 128-bit hierarchical addressing, and the IPv6 header has actually been simplified with under fields, improving packet handling. IPv6 natively support authentication and also privacy capabilities together opposed come IPv4 the needs additional features to assistance those. The IPv6 address an are is many times bigger than IPv4 attend to space.

Open the PT Activity. The allow password top top all devices is cisco.Perform the work in the activity instructions and then price the question.For what reason is the failure occurring?PC1 has an incorrect default gateway configured.SW1 does not have actually a default gateway configured.*The IP address of SW1 is configured in a wrong subnet.PC2 has an incorrect default gateway configured.

Explain:The ip default-gateway command is missing on the SW1 configuration. Packets indigenous PC2 are able to successfully reach SW1, yet SW1 is unable to forward reply packets beyond the local network there is no the ip default-gateway command issued.

Match the command through the device mode in ~ which the command is entered. (Not all alternatives are used.)QuestionAnswer

Explain:The allow command is gone into in R1> mode. The login command is entered in R1(config-line)# mode. The copy running-config startup-config command is gotten in in R1# mode. The ip attend to command is gotten in in R1(config-if)# mode. The organization password-encryption command is gotten in in global configuration mode.

Other Questions

When connectionless protocols are applied at the lower layers the the OSI model, what space usually supplied to acknowledge the data receipt and request the retransmission of missing data?connectionless acknowledgementsupper-layer connection-oriented protocols*Network great IP protocolsTransport class UDP protocols

Which IPv4 header ar is responsible for defining the priority of the packet?flow labelflagsdifferentiated services*traffic class

Why is NAT not required in IPv6?Because IPv6 has integrated security, there is no must hide the IPv6 addresses of internal networks.?Any host or user can obtain a publicly IPv6 network address because the variety of available IPv6 addresses is very large.?*The difficulties that room induced through NAT applications room solved because the IPv6 header boosts packet taking care of by intermediate routers.?The end-to-end connectivity problems that are led to by NAT room solved since the variety of routes increases with the number of nodes the are associated to the Internet.

What is a service listed by the circulation Label ar of the IPv6 header?It boundaries the life time of a packet.It identify the full length that the IPv6 packet.It classifies packets for traffic congestion control.It informs network tools to maintain the same route for real-time applications packets.*

How perform hosts ensure that their packets space directed come the correct network destination?They need to keep your own regional routing table that has a course to the loopback interface, a local network route, and a remote default route.?*They always direct your packets to the default gateway, which will be responsible because that the packet delivery.They find in your own local routing table for a path to the network destination address and pass this information to the default gateway.They send a query packet to the default gateway questioning for the ideal route.

Which two commands can be supplied on a Windows hold to display the routing table? (Choose two.)netstat -sroute print*show ip routenetstat -r*tracert

During the procedure of forwarding traffic, what will the router do immediately after matching the location IP deal with to a network on a directly linked routing table entry?discard the traffic after consulting the route tablelook up the next-hop attend to for the packetswitch the packet come the directly connected interface*analyze the destination IP address

A technician is configuring a router that is proactively running on the network. Suddenly, strength to the router is lost. If the technician has not conserved the configuration, which two species of details will it is in lost? (Choose two.)Cisco IOS image filerouting table*bootstrap fileARP cache*startup configuration

Which 2 interfaces will allow access via the VTY lines come configure the router? (Choose two.)aux interfacesLAN interfaces *WAN interfaces*console interfacesUSB interfaces

Which two files, if found, are duplicated into ram as a router through the default configuration register setup boots up? (Choose two.)running configurationIOS image paper *startup configuration*POST diagnostics

When would the Cisco IOS image organized in ROM be offered to boot the router?during a file transfer operationduring a common boot processwhen the complete IOS cannot be found*when the running configuration directs the router to perform this

After troubleshooting a router, the network administrator wants to save the router configuration so that it will certainly be used immediately the following time that the router reboots. What command must be issued?copy running-config flashcopy startup-config flashcopy running-config startup-config *reload*copy startup-config running-config

Which three commands are provided to collection up a password for a person who attaches a cable to a brand-new router so that an initial configuration have the right to be performed? (Choose three.)interface fastethernet 0/0line vty 0 4line console 0*enable mystery ciscologin *password cisco*

Which statement around router interfaces is true?Router LAN interfaces are not triggered by default, yet router WAN interfaces are.Once the no shutdown command is given, a router user interface is active and operational.*Commands that apply an IP attend to and subnet mask come an user interface are entered in worldwide configuration mode.A configured and also activated router user interface must be linked to another machine in order come operate.*

Which command display screens a review chart of all router interfaces, your IP addresses, and also their present operational status?show ip routeshow versionshow interfacesshow ip interface brief*

A technician is manually configuring a computer with the important IP parameters to communicate over the corporate network. The computer already has one IP address, a subnet mask, and a DNS server. What else has to be configured for internet access?the WINS server addressthe default gateway address*the MAC addressthe domain name of the organization

A computer system has to send a packet to a location host in the exact same LAN. Exactly how will the packet be sent?The packet will be sent out to the default gateway first, and also then, relying on the solution from the gateway, it might be sent out to the location host.The packet will certainly be sent directly to the destination host.*The packet will an initial be sent out to the default gateway, and also then from the default gateway it will certainly be sent straight to the location host.The packet will certainly be sent only to the default gateway.

Refer come the exhibit. To fill in the blank.
A packet leaving PC-1 needs to traverse 3 hops to reach PC-4.?

Fill in the blank. In a router, ROM is the nonvolatile memory wherein the diagnostic software, the bootup instructions, and also a limited IOS room stored.

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Refer come the exhibit. Enhance the packets through their destination IP resolve to the exiting interfaces ~ above the router. (Not every targets room used.)

Open the PT Activity. Execute the jobs in the activity instructions and then answer the inquiry or complete the task. Does the router have enough RAM and flash memory to support the new IOS?The router has enough RAM and also flash memory for the IOS upgrade.*The router has sufficient RAM, but needs an ext flash memory for the IOS upgrade.The router has sufficient flash memory, yet needs an ext RAM for the IOS upgrade.The router needs much more RAM and much more flash storage for the IOS upgrade.

Match the configuration mode with the command that is easily accessible in that mode. (Not all options are used.)
Sort elementsenable -> R1>copy running-config startup-config -> R1#login -> R1(config-line)#interface fastethernet 0/0 -> R1(config)#

Match ar names to the IP header where they would be found. (Not all options are used)
Sort elementsIP v4 Header (A) -> Flags (A)IP v4 Header (B) -> total Length (B)IP v6 Header (C) ->Traffic course (C)IP v6 Header (D) -> circulation Label (D)

Which type of static path that is configured on a router offers only the leave interface?fully stated static routedefault revolution routedirectly connected static route*recursive static route

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