In a new revealing interview, the actor likewise addresses his sexuality: "I"ve heard that world think I"m gay. Over there will always be rumors, however I understand who ns am."


Twilight actor Kellan Lutz clears up rumors about his sexuality and talks around the gay-friendly vibe of Twilight: breaking Dawn in a brand-new interview.

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The actor says people assume he’s gay since he doesn’t pursue women however that is not the case. He speak the Advocate, “I don’t Google myself, however I’ve heard that people think I’m gay. I’ve heard it all. See, ns don’t really go after girls. Many of the girlfriends I’ve had actually have come after me.”

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Lutz, that plays Cullen clan member Emmett, does admit however, the Breaking Dawn has a definite happy vibe courtesy of director Bill Condon, “There’s a lot more skin, very first of all. It’s because that a much more mature audience. The initial high school fans room in college now, and they want to see much more skin.

“Bill has Taylor Lautner topless all the time, for this reason there’s some good eye-candy. … We have actually so many actors members in the movie, ns wouldn’t be surprised if among the personalities was gay and also I simply didn’t recognize it. I’d be all for it,” he concludes.

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Condon is open minded gay and has directed Gods and also Monsters, Kinsey and also Dreamgirls.

And though he appears shirtless in plenty of paparazzi photos, Lutz states he isn’t trying come flaunt his body, “I love a topless operation by the beach, and also it walk suck when paparazzi is there. It’s like, ‘Do I store my shirt on because I don’t want to be do not wear shirts in another magazine?’ ns don’t want to be recognized as the male who constantly takes his shirt off.

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“I’ve excellent a many photo shoots lately because that the press coming up with Immortals and Breaking Dawn, and every photographer desires to gain the topless shot. We’ve really had actually to it is in choosy and not carry out that for every magazine. I’ve actually been trying to save my garments on more.”

Lutz theatre Greek god the the sea Poseidon in director Tarsem Singh’s Immortals, which arrives in theater on Nov. 11.