Rap visionary Lil Pump is dead! According to, among the customers on the website has actually asserted that the young rapper was discovered dead at his home through a bag complete of Xanax. Is Lil Pump dead?




About Lil Pump
Known AsGazzy Garcia, Jetski
Age21 Years
BirthAugust 17, 2000 Miami, FL
Height5ft 5 ¾
Net Worth$4.0 Million

On November 12, 2017, Lil Pump tweeted, “People don’t favor me oh well.” This led to a series of speculations around why the 17-year-old tweeted the message. It did not take long for civilization to begin spreading the news that Lil Pump was dead bereason of an overdose. So, is Lil Pump dead? Keep reading to discover out.

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Did Lil Pump Die?

The news is absolutely fake, and also Lil Pump is very a lot alive. If you head over to Lil Pump’s Instagram, you’ll view that he’s in Russia. He even posted a video of himself on stage throughout his sold-out concert in the country.

It might seem as though the millennial rapper died of an overdose as he seems to be no stranger to drugs. Lil Pump also made a post on social media that proved him on his bed hidden in bags of what looked choose “grass” or weed. Lil Pump has never shied away from posting videos of himself smoking cigarettes “dope” or even claiming that he is on a “high.”

Tbelow even was a item in The New York Times claiming that Lil Pump’s BFF Smokepurpp breezed into the green room prior to a concert and asked, “Who got Xanax and also Percocet?”

But to clear the air, Billboard announced that Lil Pump and also Lil Yachty would release a mixtape by next year. This was complied with by a screen-swarm of a conversation between Lil Yachty and also Lil Pump concerning the exact same.

First Of The Year, We Promise ??

— king of the youth (

How Is Lil Pump Now?

The rapper is definitely gaining even more popularity from this news. But, tright here is no confirmation from any of Lil Pump’s associates or family members about his fatality.

Two days ago, ideal around the moment as soon as human being started to spreview the news about Lil Pump’s fatality, he had reached Russia for his concert. The rapper looked very encouraged on stage and also whatever doubts people had actually about his death, were drowned out by the concert crowd and also his killer performance.

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The Lil Pump Tour You Don’t Want Miss!

Lil Pump is on tour currently and also die-difficult fans are looking anywhere for tickets and also passes to his concert.

Have a look at Lil Pump’s November tour schedule so that you have the right to catch him at among these locations!

November 20, 2017SXSW, Houston, TX
November 22, 2017Alamo City Music Hall, San Antonia, TX
November 24, 2017Emo’s Austin, Austin, TX
November 25, 2017The Ballroom at Warehouse Live, Houston, TX
November 28, 2017Hangar 305, Miami, FL
November 29, 2017The Beacham, Orlancarry out, FL
November 30, 2017The Ritz Ebor, Tampa, FL

Lil Pump will certainly be on tour until December 23, 2017, via his last present in San Diego, The golden state. The rapper is in Las Vegas on December 21, 2017, and boy will that be an excellent concert to attend!

You have the right to head over to Lil Pump’s official webwebsite for more details around his tour. So, if you are close to any type of of the concert venues or live in the city where he’s going to perform, then you need to buy your tickets now!