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Winter bring thoughts of sitting in prior of a roaring fire and also sipping hot coco or hot cocoa, preferably v gluten-free marshmallows. However which the the store-bought hot cacao mixes (made with actual chocolate) and also hot cocoa mixes (made v cocoa powder, no chocolate) are considered gluten-free?

Two well-known and also widely accessible hot coco brands are thought about gluten-free. One is Hershey"s (Cocoa, distinct Dark Cocoa, and also Dutch Cocoa). The other is Swiss miss out on (all flavors). In addition, there space fourspecialty brand (available online and in part stores) the are thought about gluten-free, including:

BariWise High Protein warm CocoaInJoy Organics warm ChocolateMrs. Bryant's Dutch colony Hot CocoaV!VA Caffeinated warm Chocolate

Finally, there space multiple added hot chocolate and hot cocoa mixes that containno gluten ingredients yet aren"t considered safely gluten-free by your manufacturers due to potential gluten cross-contamination. And also there are three brand to prevent altogether.

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Gluten-Free Hot coco or warm Cocoa

These hot chocolate and hot cocoa selections (presented in alphabet order) have actually been tested for trace gluten and also found to meet legal requirements for "gluten-free" labeling.

BariWise High Protein hot Cocoa

This brand makes products that room specially formulated for the demands of world who have undergone bariatric surgery. BariWise offers two flavors of hot cocoa: chocolate and chocolate through marshmallows. Both contain about 15 grams that protein every package and are gluten-free, aspartame-free, saturated-fat free, and also low cholesterol.


Hershey"s Cocoa, Hershey"s unique Dark Cocoa, and Hershey"s netherlands Cocoa all appear on the company"s gluten-free list. Hershey"s tests its gluten-free productsto less than20 components per million.

Note that also though unique Dark cocoa is taken into consideration gluten-free, one-of-a-kind Dark cacao bars are not gluten-free (for much more information, check out thegluten-free candy list). Hershey"s gluten-free list have the right to be very confusing, so constantly double-check what you"re buying.

InJoy Organics

This smaller agency makes three seasonings of warm cocoa: chocolate, chocolate mint, and chocolate orange. All space low-calorie (about 15 calorie a serving) and also sweetened through erythritol (a organic sugar alcohol) and stevia (a organic sugar substitute). The mixes save on computer xanthan gum (a usual gluten-free ingredient).

Mrs. Bryant's Dutch nest

Mrs. Bryant's Dutch nest makes only one smell of warm cocoa and the product has just three ingredients: cocoa, sugar, and natural flavors. The cocoa is gluten-free, vegan, and also Kosher, follow to the company.

Swiss miss

Swiss Miss may be the best-known hot coco mix and the agency makes a wide range of different flavors, including diet and no sugar added varieties. All are thought about legally gluten-free and carry "gluten-free" designations on your labels.

Swiss miss out on is a ConAgra company and ConAgra has a policy of plainly disclosing all gluten-containing ingredients on the label, including those from barley and also rye. Swiss Miss likewise makes Keurig K-Cups for warm cocoa, i m sorry are considered gluten-free as well.

V!VA Caffeinated Hot coco

If you desire your hot coco with a tiny kick, you might want to shot V!VA"s warm chocolate, which is infused v 100 milligrams of caffeine (about two-thirds the amount of caffeine in a common 16 oz. Latte). Every V!VA caffeinated commodities are gluten-free, follow to the company.

Hot coco or warm Cocoa through No Gluten ingredient

These brands don"t use gluten ingredients in their hot chocolate and also hot cocoa formulations yet the products aren"t specifically listed as "gluten-free" and also may be subject to gluten cross-contamination.

same Exchange warm Cocoa

Equal Exchange, a fair trade organic company, uses three different hot cocoa and hot chocolate products: Dark Hot chocolate Mix, warm Cocoa Mix, and also Spicy hot Cocoa Mix. No one contain gluten ingredients.

However, both the warm Cocoa Mix and the Spicy hot Cocoa mix are produced on equipment that likewise processes wheat ingredients. Therefore, if you desire to gain a cup of same Exchange warm chocolate, opt for the Dark Hot coco flavor.


This mountain Francisco-based firm makes hot cocoa in 4 flavors: dual Chocolate, coco Mocha, coco Caramel, and Hot Cocoa with cacao Chips.

Only one Ghirardelli product—the company"s luxe Milk crisp bars—contains a gluten ingredient (barley malt). That product is not made on the same tools as the powdered mixes.

However, Ghirardelli does not test because that gluten and also does not preserve a gluten-free list, so the firm advises caution through all Ghirardelli products, including hot cocoa. They"re spring to remove gluten from your recipes in 2020.

Keurig café Escapes

This brand has actually no gluten ingredients yet isn't specifically taken into consideration gluten-free. Therefore, if you're searching for a K-Cup warm chocolate, stick with Swiss Miss.

soil O'Lakes

Cocoa Classics, dispersed by floor O"Lakes, is accessible in 12 various flavors. Land O"Lakes maintains a short gluten-free list the does not incorporate its Cocoa classics products.

The agency states that it will provide "complete and also accurate ingredient information" ~ above its labels. Nobody of the 12 Cocoa classics products contain gluten ingredients, however the agency does no test them for gluten cross-contamination.


This ubiquitous hot cocoa brand comes in 3 varieties: Classic, standard with Mini Marshmallows, and also Fat-Free. Unfortunately, Nestlé does no label any type of of its hot cocoas gluten-free since the assets may be handle on tools that also processes wheat-containing ingredients.

businessman Joe's

The grocery keep chain supplied to include T.J.'s Sipping chocolate on its perform of "no gluten ingredient" products. However the hot cacao doesn't appear on the chain's existing "gluten-free" list, so it may be ideal to command clear.

Stephen's offers a variety of exciting flavors, including Mint Truffle Cocoa, English Toffee Cocoa, and also Candycane Cocoa. Unfortunately, number of of the company's innovative spices contain wheat (in the type of cookies) or barley (in the type of malt).

You'll absolutely need to prevent Malt Shoppe Cocoa, Cookies ‘n’ Crème Cocoa, and also S'Mores Cocoa. However, every Stephen's products are made on the very same equipment, for this reason none will certainly be safe.

A Word from Verywell

Hot chocolate and hot cocoa typically don't encompass gluten ingredients (unless, the course, you include crumbled cookie or malt come the formula). However, the suppliers that make these favorite winter drink often procedure them on the same equipment as various other products, several of which do incorporate gluten.

Therefore, once shopping for a cup of rich, dark cocoa, it's ideal to stick through a brand like Swiss miss or Hershey's that specifically labels its product "gluten-free." the designation way the company has done the early diligence come ensure the product is safe. Happy sipping!

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