Is Tatcha Cruelty-Free?

Is Tatcha cosmetics cruelty-free? Yes, Tatcha is cruelty-free and also accredited through PETA. Tatcha does not test top top animals, and their products are not marketed in countries where animal testing is compelled by law.

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Does Tatcha check on animals?

Tatcha does not test their products on animals, and they perform not outsource animal testing to third parties for trial and error on your behalf. There has been no trial and error on ingredients or finished assets throughout the development, manufacturing, or distribution process.


Is Tatcha vegan?

Is Tatcha vegan? No, Tatcha assets are no 100% vegan definition some the their commodities contain ingredients derived from animals or pet by-products.


Tatcha pet testing policy

The Tatcha animal testing plan states:

We room proud to tell you the our collection is no tested top top animals. We do extensive third party safety and efficacy testing on voluntary human being subjects however never with our furry friends.

As we flourish into different international locations, we room committed come standing by ours cruelty-free appointment of never trial and error on pets or allowing others to test on ours behalf.

We are officially a component of PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies program. This is a voluntarily pledge that we have taken to clear pet testing from all stages that product development, certifying us as a cruelty-free organization.”


Is Tatcha own by a parental company?

Who own Tatcha? Tatcha is own by Unilever, a parent firm that tests on animals.

Tatcha Water Cream

Is Tatcha sold in China?

Does Tatcha market in China? No, Tatcha is not offered in mainland China where pet testing is required by law.

Tatcha Silk Canvas (NOT VEGAN, consists of silk)

Is Tatcha palm oil free?

Does Tatcha use palm oil in your products? Yes, Tatcha commodities contain palm oil which means they space not 100% palm oil free.

Tatcha assets – what they sell

Tatcha sells skincare choose the Tatcha Water Cream, Primer, Dewy Skin Cream, Eye Cream, face Mask, Cleansing Oil, Skin Mist, Rice Polish, and also Deep Cleanse.


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