I’m walk to effort to explain to you, the reader what I’ve make the efforts to describe to many ignorant, knucklehead, cake-daddies the I’ve come throughout since I’ve been mysteriously enlightened ~ above the object of “Paying because that it”.

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*Please forgive me if i confuse you v the concentrated gender… I’m largely speaking come the fellas, yet this can and also does walk for both sex’s.*

There space what I’ve get an impressive to contact the 3 1/2 actions to “Paying for it”. Yes, that’s three and a half.

First we have to realize that “it” isn’t always the same thing. As soon as you hear guys saying that they’ve never paid because that it, that usually way sex. These days, the statement is typically retorted v “You always pay for it.” That expression was coined by guys that recognize they have to pay because that “it” and also want something come fall ago on. They want to feel much better about the reality that they are either too inept, or lazy to gain a womans attention and also or affection there is no parting means with their tough earned dough.

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1. Paying for someone to have sex and also leave. Better known as Prostitution or Tricking…. Or if you’re in Asia, Vacation


THIS is what world usually mean when they to speak they either don’t have to, or never have had actually to pay for “it”. Meaning: he or she go not have to spend any money to obtain carnal expertise from part Cabbagehead. Together opposed to a guy who up front need to negotiate compensation for such acts and also these acts will certainly NOT take place unless this agreed top top amount is not satisfied.

This includes, yet is not restricted to: Cash money upfront. Buying Phones. Buying call cards. To buy cars. Purchase clothes. Paying for air or bus fare. Gaining hair and nails done. Making rental payments. Purchase shoes. Purchase drugs. To buy alcohol. Extra payment or far better treatment of a legitimate employed subordinate. All prior to you obtain ANYTHING sexual in return. The is paying for it. Sex would not occur UNLESS compensated. Period.

p.s. This is illegal in all states in phibìc America other than Nevada. Globally… who knows? But also the earliest profession known to man, and always in demand.

1.5. Payment to impress. Much better known as Courtship / Dating 


This is nearly the same, but a lot more honorable than #1. This includes taking a girl out to eat, to buy nice clothes prior to a date, obtaining the vehicle washed, obtaining your very own hair cut/done, paying for the movie, paying because that the cab fare, paying for the hotel room, paying because that roses. This things are done by someone trying to date and possibly get into a lengthy term and meaningful partnership with a woman. Establish the worth of the person and showing what it way to lock to have their company. All commonplace, and also not necessarily a precursor to having actually sex. This person may’ve already had sex top top the first date. Or during the very first date. Or perhaps a month or therefore later. The doesn’t mean any kind of of this had to happen before the sex. They’re just usual expenses one has to pay while date or courting.

2. Paying to stay. Far better known as Marriage


This is something the is absolutely necessary. You can’t marry someone and not pay because that SOMETHING. You’ll it is in buying engagement and also wedding rings and also bands, and also paying because that the wedding perhaps. You’re going to be paying rent or mortgage. Auto payments. Bills. Vacations. Food, for you and also her. This is exactly how it’s claimed to be. In order for you to keep your irreversible girlfriend who you live with, or her fiance` whom you live through or your wife; you’ll have to merge or also solely organize down all these gaue won responsibilities. One of two people way, you’re going to be out of pocket part money. Or else why is she v you? She can be damaged all by herself. Love won’t salary those bills. Love won’t pay that phone bill the she fees up talk to and also texting with you. There’s absolutely nothing shameful around this. You have to WANT to invest money ~ above your significant other. It becomes your duty at a specific point to do this. So yeah… you’re paying. Yet if she’s quiet there, it’s worth it, and in mine opinion it’s the best way to invest money on a woman.

3. Payment to leave. Much better known as Divorce


This one yes, really sucks. Unless you just really value maintaining her/him out of your life it’s a finish waste that money. You’re basically paying since your marriage didn’t occupational out. You’re acquiring nothing yet the reality that you recognize you don’t have to resolve this human being anymore as well as this monetary transaction. That’s a bust! but it is money spent, and it is on that woman . I’d have to say this is the worst money to spend on a woman. However, if you’re paying in this sort of fashion it’s no really a selection now is it?

All 3 and also a fifty percent of this scenario’s can take place independently that one one more believe the or no <3 happening by itself is rare however possible>, and also they can additionally come in complete order. Numbers 1.5 and also 2 are the people you want to do. If you need to stick number 1 in there… eh… whatever. However 1.5 and also 2 room your sweet spots.

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So you’ve been educated. Spread the word. I recognize this may be difficult to define to someone on her 30-60 minute lunch. However don’t ever let someone usage that general line “you’re constantly paying for it” because even despite there space these 3.5 rules… the doesn’t median that payment ever before has to happen. The just way when it does, there are details degrees and also it’s no all the same. It’s kind of choose saying spending money at golden Corral, and also spending money in ~ Ruth’s kris is the same. Yeah… girlfriend can get steak in ~ both, but which is really giving you much better for her money? I’d fairly pay because that a mrs to stay with me, 보다 for one to screw me and also leave… or worse, just stay away period.