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It is well through my soul, what go this statement mean to you, or how do you analyze this statement? well being that the heart is family member as we all have various preferences, but looking at it from the spiritual aspect, the is well through my spirit insinuates it is well v your spirit man. Once you do the things of the spirit, sometimes it is not always pleasurable to the body, but it is come the soul. Every little thing we execute as believer is an invest for our heart man,though we can not view or reap many of the fruits we sow now, however we believe God will reward united state in heaven. Be steadfast in the lord brethren. This song is component of the album Inheritance and also was released 2016.





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It Is Well through My spirit By Audrey Assad Mp3 Music Lyrics

When peace like a river, attendeth mine way,When sorrows prefer sea billows roll;Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to sayIt is well, that is well, v my soul.


It is wellWith my soulIt is well, it is well v my soul.

Though Satan need to buffet, though trials must come,Let this blest assurance control,That Christ has regarded my helpless estate,And hath burned His own blood because that my soul.

It is fine (it is well)With my heart (with mine soul)It is well, the is well with my soul.

My sin, oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!My sin, no in part but the whole,Is nailed come the cross, and I bear that no more,Praise the Lord, worship the Lord, o mine soul!

It is fine (it is well)With my spirit (with mine soul)It is well, it is well through my soul.

It is fine (it is well)With my heart (with my soul)It is well, the is well v my soul.

I expect you to be able to download it Is Well through My soul by Audrey Assad mp3 music (Audio) because that free. Friend can also find the mp4 video on the page.

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