The Jabra upstream 65T and Bose SoundSport complimentary are certainly two of the optimal 10 most popular true wireless earbuds ~ above the market right now.

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There’s a many to prefer with both the them, however how carry out they compare? What room the huge reasons you’d walk Jabra over Bose and also vice versa? That’s what we’re covering in this post. If you’re interested though, us did publish full reviews of both of these headphones:

– Jabra upstream 65T Review– Bose SoundSport complimentary Review

Areas that overlap

Given that these are both totally wireless earbuds, naturally, there are some areas where they’re basically the precise same, together as:

– Battery life of ~5 hrs on a single charge– Charge cases that provide second 10 hours of battery life– Multiple size silicone ear tips noted in box– Extremely strong Bluetooth connection– far system listed on earbuds– built-in microphone for phone calls– Compatible through Siri and also Google Assistant

Why get the Jabra elite 65T end Bose SoundSport Free?

We indeed would obtain the elite 65T end the Bose SoundSport free for a number of reasons, some bigger than others.

More affordable

Hard come argue with this one. The 65T have an MSRP of $170 if the SoundSport complimentary are $200. If you’re choosing based upon price alone, you’re going v the 65T.

More for sure fit

The 65T have a twist lock system and also secure really well in your ear. The earbuds room also reasonably small so they solid stick out of your ear. They room ideal for whatever from intense workouts to general daily use.


Secure, comfortable fit (65T active shown)

The SoundSport free on the other hand, room large, bulky earbuds, and also only rather seal off your ear canal. This way that once you operation or execute box jumps the earbuds actually bounce up and also down, which is an extremely odd. They type of feel favor they’re walk to fall out of her ears, but they don’t. It’s simply an strange sensation.


Big earbuds

If you’re pertained to with obtaining a solid, certain fit, the elite 65T space the way to go. The SoundSports space really comfortable, however they merely don’t have the lockdown that the 65Ts do.

Adjustable EQ Settings

It’s hard to choose an bald winner in regards to audio high quality (both room good), yet the upstream 65T obtain the edge due to the fact that you can adjust the EQ setups within the Jabra app.


Soundscapes (left) / EQ settings (right)

As you deserve to see in the screenshot above, Jabra allows you to change the bass, mids, and also highs manually or girlfriend can pick from among their 6 preset sound profiles.

Additionally, Jabra has a ar within their app specialized to what they speak to “Soundscapes,” i beg your pardon are environmental sounds that you deserve to play to emphasis on her work. Because that example, you have the right to have the headphones pat the sound of ocean waves or rain in stimulate to tune out what’s approximately you and also focus. Yes, really neat that they included this into the app.

Sound isolation and noise cancellation

Because the 65T fully seal off her ear canal, they carry out a an excellent job of normally isolating the sound. They’re actually so good that friend pretty lot need to take them the end in order to hear the people approximately you.

Great for focusing, yet not good for when your coworkers are trying come ask friend questions.


Fantastic sound isolation (65T energetic shown)

When you’re playing music, the 65T likewise run energetic noise cancellation, i beg your pardon constantly tunes out the sound around. Again, an excellent for focusing, however not an excellent for pointing out quarterly reports with coworkers.

But because not anyone wants energetic noise cancellation on, Jabra walk equip the 65T through a HearThrough setup that allows the microphones come pass v audio native the environment approximately you.


The Jabra elite 65T and also 65T active are IP55 and also IP56 certified respectively. Basically, they room rated to withstand dust and light quantities of water and also sweat. 


Elite 65T energetic are IP56 certified

The SoundSport cost-free are just IPX4 rated, which method they’re splash resistant, but not fairly as resistant together the 65T. You’ll it is in fine through either brand for workouts, however if you desire to gain technical, the Jabra earbuds do win below as well.

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Those room some quite compelling factors to obtain the elite 65T, but I wouldn’t completely sleep top top the SoundSport cost-free if i was you. There room some locations where they win and also for certain people they room the far better true wireless headphones.

More comfortable fit

I know we claimed that the 65T have a an ext secure fit, yet in terms of sheer comfort and also which earbuds I’d quite wear all day, those would be the Bose SoundSport Free.

With the 65T, your ears come in call with rather a bit of plastic whereas through the SoundSport totally free it’s just silicone that your ear touches.

Find mine Buds

In the event that you misplace her SoundSport Free, Bose has a section within their application that allows girlfriend to situate the ar where you critical paired lock to your phone. It’s no a perfect solution, but it can certainly come in handy. The Jaybird Run also have a find My sprout feature.

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Remote system

We’re not large fans of the remote device on any true wireless headphones, however if we had actually to choose our best of the worst, we’d go v the Bose SoundSport Free.


Volume controls and multifunction button.

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The buttons top top the SoundSport free are ~ above the side of the earbud, which method when you push the volume increase button, for example, you’re no pushing the earbud more into her ear. This way the earbuds perform not exhaustion your ears like they will eventually do with the elite 65T.