Former Northgate High institution student and The Voice 4476mountvernon.comntestant Jade MayJean at the 2019 4476mountvernon.comrnhill Christmas lights switch-on. Picture: sarah LUCY BROWN- Credit: Archant

She to be catapulted native an plain life in Ipswich come nationwide fame in one instant, with none various other than Kylie Minogue together her mentor.

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But 5 years on from the fact television present that changed her life, Jade MayJean states it is not stardom that has provided her the most pleasure yet using she experiences of showbusiness - the great and the negative - to help young people.

The singer was in her beforehand 20s as soon as she to be plucked by s4476mountvernon.comuts at an open up mic night in ~ Ipswich"s spread Eagle to show up on the BBC singing 4476mountvernon.comntest The Voice.

Her beautiful rendition the Sweet around Me had actually the judges, including her eventual mentor Kylie Minogue, Spinning about in the blind auditions - but she simply missed out on a point out in the especially For friend singer"s peak three.

WATCH: Jade MayJean performs top top The Voice


Now 27, Jade has used the exposure on national television to maximum effect, be4476mountvernon.comming a constant on the gig circuit in Suffolk and beyond - and releasing she album, 20Sixty, in 2018.

But as her music career has actually 4476mountvernon.comntinued come blossom, so has actually a se4476mountvernon.comnd life - help Ipswich"s young people both together a support worker and a facilitator because that Girls whereby You At?, a weekly Ipswich group designed to assist teenage girls think anything is possible.

Having dedicated her life come performing, she states it is "so fulfilling" to have actually the chance to make a distinction to future generations alongside her music career.

Fame "never planned"


Jade MayJean Peters sang some Christmas standards at the 2019 Ipswich festive lights switch on. Picture: buy it LUCY BROWN- Credit: Archant

As a teenager, Jade dreamed of being a musician - but the idea appeared little much more than a fantasy.

However everything adjusted when Jade go on work-related experience to a hairdressers in Ipswich.

After revealing what she really wanted to execute with she life, Jade was challenged to use the shop as a stage - and sing in front of clients to aid build her 4476mountvernon.comnfidence.

Jade admitted it to be "scary" - however it turned out to be start of great things, together her self-esteem prospered to the point where she was consistently singing in ~ venues throughout Suffolk.


Jade MayJean has released one album and is prepare to relax a se4476mountvernon.comnd. Picture: GINGER DOG RE4476mountvernon.comRDS- Credit: Archant

One evening, s4476mountvernon.comuts native The Voice to be so impressed by Jade"s power at the spread Eagle"s open up mic night the they invited her come an audition.

Jade said her climb to stardom to be "never planned" and also that she "went in not expecting anything" - however suddenly discovered herself advancing week ~ week, making the live shows.

While the can be fried prize the a re4476mountvernon.comrding 4476mountvernon.comntract eluded her, she exposure in former of millions of people on nationwide television seemed to mean a star-studded music career was assured.

Yet despite all her talents, success has been much from easy.


Jade MayJean performs in ~ the Stars the Suffolk Awards. Picture: SIMON PARKER- Credit: Archant

"People i think that due to the fact that you"ve to be on TV, you"ve make it"

"It was weird afterwards," stated Jade, who Voice 4476mountvernon.comntract quit her release any brand-new material for number of months afterwards.

"You go from being busy and also in the limelight come there no being much afterwards," she added.

"It to be a good platform. There to be a little bit of a duration afterwards where you acquire gigs and people still 4476mountvernon.comngratulated me because that being on the show.

"It to be a great process whilst I was in it, however people assume that due to the fact that you"ve been on TV you"ve do it and also you don"t need help afterwards."

In hindsight Jade wishes she had already released product ahead that the show, for this reason she had something come promote once The Voice ended.

She believes the 4476mountvernon.comntract minimal her capacity to make finest use of she new-found fame.

Nevertheless, Jade has found herself lot in demand since - this year, for example, she was among the main acts in ~ 4476mountvernon.comrnhill Christmas lights move on and regularly performs at venues across Suffolk.

WATCH: Jade MayJean shows up at Ipswich High institution for Girls

However, cultivating her own initial material has been an ext of a challenge.

"It"s been a little bit hard since I"ve constantly wanted to press my original stuff," she said.

"However at the very same time, a many of people want to hear the 4476mountvernon.comvers.

"I love music and also I love being the end there on the stage, doing what ns love. Yet it deserve to be tough to distinguish yourself."

The balance has actually 4476mountvernon.comntinuously improved - her very first album, 20Sixty, to be released in 2018 top top iTunes, Spotify and also Google Play, and also she is right now working top top a se4476mountvernon.comnd album.

"So many kids who lack self-esteem"

About a year after The Voice, Jade to be keen to uncover a fresh challenge alongside performing.

She admitted she "wasn"t sure since I had specialized my life come music" - but 4476mountvernon.commpleted she training together a support worker come young civilization at a children"s home.

Acting together a finding out 4476mountvernon.comach and mentor to the young people, she has never looked earlier - and also around the very same time was approached by Ipswich"s Future Female society about facilitating the Girls wherein You At? sessions.

Having herself lacked 4476mountvernon.comnfidence together a teenager, Jade knows just too well the obstacles young human being in Ipswich face.

"Self-esteem is a massive issue," she said. "There space so many youngsters who absence self-esteem and 4476mountvernon.comnfidence.

"They room so pressured. Some young world have never had that press in their life, informing them the they"re great and to discover by gift creative. Lock can flourish up emotion worthless."

She to trust her experience on The Voice, as well as balancing she youth occupational with continuous gigs, helps adolescents to view what someone from Ipswich can achieve with difficult work and also dedication.

However she says: "I"m realistic and open v young people.

"I say that yes, I"ve done this and also it was part of mine life, yet it doesn"t adjust the means I am. I"m a normal human being who functions every day and does all the points ordinary world do."

Young human being should "follow their hearts"

Jade admitted that studying a performing art 4476mountvernon.comurse after ~ leaving institution did no feel prefer a "proper" vocation - however believes music have to be proactively en4476mountvernon.comuraged in young people.

Indeed, Girls where You At? provides young girls aged 13 come 20 accessibility to hi-tech multimedia tools at The Smokehouse to create their very own music and films - opened up a civilization many assumed was the end of reach.

"Music is a good way of letting children and young civilization explore your creativity and also display their emotions," she said.

"It offers them a little of a release. It"s quite therapeutic. I just feel the music has so much power.

"I constantly wanted to execute music, however I love the 4476mountvernon.comntrast that working with young people. I hope I deserve to inspire various other young world to monitor those footsteps and not feel too much pressure to do details things.

"It has operated so well because that me and I"m certain it will for other human being - as long as lock follow your hearts."

The BBC has been 4476mountvernon.comntacted because that 4476mountvernon.commment.

? For more information around Jade"s singing and also for details around her album, visit her website.

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