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Jason Aldean posted a explain on Twitter Monday following a deadly tour bus accident. Jason Merritt/Getty Jason Aldean"s tour bus hit and also killed a man early on Monday morning Oct. 28 in Knox County, Ind., his rep confirms toUs Weekly. The country crooner to be on the bus as soon as the "terrible accident" took place.

The victim, that was express dead at the accident scene, has actually been identified as Albert Kennedy, although his age and details have yet to it is in revealed. He supposedly walked into the bus" route as it was passing exterior of Vincennes top top U.S. Highway 41.

Aldean post to hisTwitterand WhoSay accounts Monday afternoon in an answer to the accident. "With a hefty heart, I"m sad to say the a male passed away last night after stepping out in prior of my bus in Indiana," hesharedwith his 1.8 million Twitter followers."In all the year I"ve to be touring and all the mile we"ve driven, nothing prepares you for something choose this come happen. I"m praying for Albert Kennedy"s family and also friends today and also ask that you do the same."

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The "Dirt roadway Anthem" singer was reserved to execute in Dallas Saturday night, yet had come cancel his display due to inclement weather. "Sorry we had to publication Dallas tonite. Not my decision!!!! was lookin front to the last nite of the tour. Promise we will certainly be earlier ASAP," hewrote.

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Aldeanwas announced in at an early stage October as a performer in ~ the Nov. 6 nation Music combination Awards in Nashville, Tenn. Alongside nation superstarsTaylor Swift,Luke Bryan,Keith Urban,Tim McGraw, andBlake Shelton. The awards show additionally marks another large appearance for Aldean, who will sit down withRobin Robertsfor pre-awards display interview for a one-of-a-kind in i beg your pardon he will finally comment on hischeating scandal. The network claims the megastar will open up come Roberts around "fame, family, and also tabloid headlines he claims helped finish his marriage" in the one-of-a-kind 20/20 edition which is collection to wait Tuesday, Nov. 6.Follow us: