Obligatory Momma ns made it!! monitor from a rapper that has always held his mom in the highest possible regard.

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I told girlfriend Ms. Carter... Here we are(Momma, i made it)You know exactly how I carry out it prefer The DOC carry out it, ns fly v itThat's just how I operate, (momma, ns made it)Ghetto prefer the grease when you acquiring ya hair braidedSweeter 보다 ya sister Kool-Aid isHooray!! It's the underdog currently my feetOn the workdesk I'm the Presidential favoriteCan't think I obtained away withMy earliest stages to being on stagesHaving my means with the world, congratulations!!Your baby boy's a made man I'm a host the fam down like three generationsI'm talking once spaceships space around and ya great-great grandsReminiscing bout the structure you offered emFor repairing my relationship with mine pops before he passedAll ns ask is you raise her glass in this celebrationToast come the many beautiful girl in the worldMy impetus thanks because that the informationMomma ns made it... Momma i made itOut in BK whereIt ain't day-to-day that you do it outBe on top of yachts wavingI remember you conserving for the irradiate bill, paid the rent v the light billNow our crib dark together a basementHad to lock up the phone when you wasn't homeWe was connecting like the money friend made wasn't basicOur cable was basic no HBO, WHT, simply Ralph McDaniels on the stationI aggravated you for Atari and ColecoVision pinstripe Lee'sWhen the very first day of school came inI was okay with not having everythingLong as Saturdays you had the Commodores playingThe expression ~ above your face was pricelessStill v me till today baby girl i won't erase itI go to mine grave v the storage of the sacrifice you madeYou worthy a was standing ovation

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Momma i made it... Momma i made itNow her lil misfit make certain every work is Christmas, compose out your wish list6's, wrist is glistening you don't also like jewelsBut you could get absent anywhere you favor toWhere the waters light blue, anything friend orderSign the to your nice room leave a extra tip, maBe extra nice come 'emCEO that Carter Foundation, wow!I know pop spring downI know Colleek somewhere up in the clouds likeGo acquire 'em Grandma make me proudDidn't have a man in the house so you made oneSo i act favor your husband and I'm just your soni told you someday I'd get you a homeI didn't understand it might possibly it is in in RomeTold me don't wait top top nobody, gain your ownSo with me myself and also my microphone, ns made itMomma ns made it... Momma i made it