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mariah, cher petit coeur, je t"aime to add qu"hier et bien moins que demain, je me noie dans tes yeux et bois ton sourire


mariah, my dear little sweetheart, i love you much more than yesterday and less 보다 tomorrow. I dive in your eyes and i drink your laugh


stanton, danielle, sexisme, violence et vidéoclips: plus qu"hier ... Moins que demain?, la gazette des femmes, 13, n° 6, mars-avril 1992, p. 6-9.


dans le présent, chacun doit trouver en lui-même boy projet. Il doit apprendre, relever ses propres défis et faire en sorte qu’aujourd’hui il puisse être meilleur qu’hier, mais moins que demain.


in the present, anyone must find his own project. He need to learn, take away his own challenges and ensure that he is today better than yesterday however not as good as tomorrow.

sinal ruim(Portuguese>English)veni vidi, perdidi(Latin>English)tum kaha kaam karte ho(Hindi>English)lo so(Italian>Albanian)oreo(Spanish>English)салманович(German>Hungarian)bonne soirée dame la beaute(French>English)dyschromie(French>Spanish)kakalimutan na kita(Tagalog>English)tolueno(Spanish>Dutch)di ka(Tagalog>English)tommorrow complimentary ho toh contact karna in english(Hindi>English)malaki titi ko(Tagalog>English)देसी सेक्सी वीडियो(Hindi>English)ham loमैच जीत चुके थे(Hindi>English)votre colis a quitté le pays d"origine(French>German)mujhe ghar jana hai(Hindi>English)uri nui(Maori>English)sorry ns forgot to ask your name(English>Hindi)pink floid(Italian>English)mottai adikum(Tamil>English)voorzitter valve de tweede kamer(Dutch>English)anong tagalog ng where are you from(Tagalog>English)i favor your all videos(English>Hindi)can u speak tagalog(English>Tagalog) is the world"s biggest Translation Memory. It has actually been developed collecting TMs indigenous the europe Union and also United Nations, and also aligning the best domain-specific multilingual websites.

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