Hollywood is obsessed through butts, which is why celebrities can't aid but walk under the knife because that plumper booties! find out who had actually butt implants or injections and also who might be keeping it a secret!


Teen mommy 2 star Kailyn Lowry bared it every on Snapchat as soon as she received a Brazilian butt lift native Dr. Michael Salzhauer. \"A Brazilian butt lift requires liposuction,\" Dr. Miami told Radar. \"We take fat from locations you don't desire it, separate out the fat and also the blood, offer you earlier the blood, and the fat is processed and also injected back in to the butt.\"


Did she or didn't she? Blac Chyna sparked implant rumors once she posted a selfie through Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, who is famous for butt augmentations. Her possible implant apparently flipped when her butt looked deformed top top her means to she doctor's office.

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Little Women: LA's Elena Gant wasn't pleased with her tiny butt! That's why she underwent a butt augmentation ~ above her reality show. \"I'm yes, really happy I'm having actually the surgical treatment today,\" she claimed on the show. \"At the exact same time, I'm terrified if ns made the best decision.\" when she experienced the results, she didn't doubt she decision!


Jenna Jameson bought herself a pricey 38th birthday present: target implants! The previous adult movie star proved off her new derriere during her birthday blowout.


Although Amber Rose shot under rumors of target implants, she ex-husband Wiz Khalifa hinted her booty could not it is in real! \"Natural a** please,\" that tweeted, together followers thought he to be talking about his ex.

Dr. Neal Handel, who has actually not operated on Kylie Jenner, trust she didn't only improve her lips! \"Based on recent photographs, it appears that Kylie jenner may have actually recently had a butt enhancement procedure,\" that told Radar.

While photos prove Khloe Kardashian may have went under the knife, Sherri Shepherd broke the news! She told pan to questioning Kardashian where she acquired her implants. \"I referenced Khloe due to the fact that she obviously saw a legit doctor as opposed to the ago alley person who go the botched task on the left,\" she tweeted.

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Nicki Minaj complemented she \"Anaconda\" song with a larger butt! \"It does show up that she's had actually some sort of augmentation in the gluteal area,\" Dr. David Feldmar, who has not treated the star, called Radar. \"It looks favor she had gluteal implants placed, or perhaps gained fat injections.\"

After a botched complete body lift almost cost Renee Graziano she life, she go under the knife again because that a larger tush. \"It to be a full success,\" the Mob Wives star told 4476mountvernon.com. \"I lastly got mine a** fine, and also I am really happy!\"

Heidi Montag was totally unrecognizable when she underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one day! In enhancement to a breast augmentation, chin reduction, brow lift, nose job revision and more, The Hills star likewise enhanced her bottom.

Kris Jenner has actually been outspoken around her neck lift and other plastic surgeries, yet she let her booty speak for itself! \"Kris zener has had a butt augmentation,\" Dr. Susan Evans, who has actually not worked on Kris, said. \"It shows up to it is in a Brazilian target lift. It appears to it is in a fat transplant, whereby you liposuction the fat and reinsert it into the buttock.\"