Jenni Pulos is a Greek-American actress who has actually perfected the arts of cross-platform multitasking. Not just does she beat minor duties on television but is also vast on the large screen. Moreover, she is also a comedienne, rapper, author, executive, management producer, and reality star. We might continue, but you acquire the idea. Nonetheless, the actress’ greatest feat in life was birthing much more than one baby previous the period of 40 with wishes of expanding her household further. Want to know much more about Jenni Pulos net worth and also wiki-bio? she in luck; for this reason let’s gain started. Also, wait till you meet her husband Jonathan Nassos.

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Who is Jenni Pulos?

Jenni Pulos is a Jack of all trades and also a master of all! She made her presence in 2007 top top television well-known for her function on Bravo’s struggle series, Flipping Out alongside she co-star Jeff Lewis.

As a result, the show yielded a spin-off called Interior therapy with Jeff Lewis in 2012. Some of her previous young roles incorporate movies favor Hairshirt, however I’m a Cheerleader, The Bachelor and also Dog unable to do Love.

Jenni Pulos also appeared ~ above an illustration of Charmed and also Monk playing Sascha Gordon amongst other shows. However, the Flipping out star’s career as an actress in ~ some point got intimidated by her project at Jeff Design. She and Jeff had actually been friends because that decades-long however seemed to disagree on the 11 periods of Flipping Out.


Jenni Pulos with her daughter Alianna Marika Nassos and Georgia elegant Nassos

Things weren’t looking an excellent for Jenni, who beat the complications and endured the doses of progesterone and also antibiotics. Even after all that, the couple still has hopes of having actually a 3rd child.

Jenni Pulos wiki-bio, age, parents.

Full nameJenni Pulos
Age48 year old
Date of BirthJanuary 3rd, 1973
Place that BirthPortland, Oregon
ProfessionActress, Entrepreneur, writer
Net worth$2.5 Million
HusbandJonathan Nassos
Zodiac SignCapricorn

Jenni Pulos aged 48, was born ~ above January 3rd, 1973 in Portland, Oregon to she unknown Greek parents. She later grew up playing tennis throughout she high school years and even continued while in ~ college.

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Jenni Pulos found her way to the university of California, whereby she initially determined sports. However, after lot deliberation, Jenni ultimately switched courses to take theatre Film, which started her journey in Hollywood.