Jenny McCarthy had actually a memorable guest role as "Courtney" AKA con-artist "Sylvia" on Two and a fifty percent Men. However the actress later had harsh words for co-star Charlie Sheen, in ~ the height of his health difficulties in 2015. Find out why McCarthy publicly attacked Sheen, who depicted her on-screen friend for numerous episodes on Two and also a fifty percent Men in 2007.

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For Jenny McCarthy and also Charlie Sheen, one on-screen romantic erupted into dispute in 2015.

McCarthy had actually featured together a guest star on Sheen"s sitcom, Two and also a fifty percent Men, because that a big of episodes in 2007. She played "Courtney Leopold," among the numerous girlfriends of Sheen"s "Charlie Harper."

Fans delighted in McCarthy"s time v the series — however they didn"t suppose to relive it almost a decade later. That"s just what happened, though, once Sheen walk public through his HIV-positive diagnosis in 2015 and also McCarthy angrily responded.

Two and a half Men: Jenny McCarthy attacks Charlie Sheen

The unexpected war that words started in November 2015, when McCarthy addressed Sheen"s revelation on her radio show. Her comments came 2 days ~ the actor went public through his HIV-positive diagnosis, i m sorry he said he"d been aware of since 2011.

McCarthy said: "Playing also his love interest on <Two and also a fifty percent Men>, ago in the day, ns go, "Ick! That"s no fair. It"s scary." I have actually sympathy because that him because, girlfriend know, he"s sick and it"s awful, yet man, he"s going to have to take some significant accountability v many human being in his life."


She continued, "Before we execute a job, we need to sign a item of document that says, "Do you have actually cold sores?" You would certainly think the there would certainly be some type of—I don"t desire to say, not criminal issue, but I don"t even know how to feel around that.

"I"m like, wait a second, "If I have to be up front around a herpes, how can you no be increase front about HIV?" ns look ago and I"m like, "OK, that would have been some an important information. Look exactly how many civilization have played his love attention on the show. Not that you can obviously obtain it with kissing, however still, that"s a huge deal"."


But McCarthy, who"s known for she controversial anti-vaccine and healthcare views, was greatly criticized for her comments, seeing as she and Sheen mutual only a kiss, irradiate contact, and collection spaces top top Two and a fifty percent Men. The actor"s manager debunked McCarthy"s accusations, too, release a statement that said: "Charlie was infected lengthy after he left Two and a half Men and lengthy after he functioned with Jenny."

Following the backlash, McCarthy clarified she comments in a Twitter statement, with focus on the industry dual standard. "I am an extremely aware that HIV is not spread out through kissing, but I additionally believe that if an actress needs to disclose every one of her business before kissing a male co-star, the actor should be compelled to disclose other significant as an HIV diagnosis," she wrote.

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Charlie Sheen blasts Jenny McCarthy"s "maths skills"

Sheen himself later on addressed McCarthy"s comment in 2017. "Your maths skills are s**t, i didn"t have it then," he stated on an Australian radio show. "If she"s listening, Jenny, you"re an absolute rock star and also a doll, yet my gosh."

"Jenny McCarthy need to go earlier and murder her maths teacher. Why? because her straightforward maths skills are s**t," the actor, who"s no stranger to battles of words, added.