Its anthem was adopted in 1947 to replace one through Joseph Haydn that had been tainted by association through Nazis

30x champ James Holzhauer, a pro sports gambler from ras Vegas, NV, is currently up come $2,323,971. In video game 31, his opponents are: Megan Browndorf, a librarian indigenous Washington, D.C.; and Rob Wolf, a family physician indigenous Newark, DE. (Alex apologized come the residents of Newark for pronouncing that the Garden State way during the chat.)

Round 1 Categories: Replicas – human being Facts – on the beach – “It” Me – book Titles – Childish Bambino

James uncovered the Jeopardy! round Daily double in “World Facts” under the $800 clue on the fifth pick of the round. He was the just one with any kind of money. He gambling every dime the his “4 dimes” ($4,000) and also he was RIGHT.

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This African nation is well-known in German together Elfenbeinküste. show

James finished in the lead v $14,800. Plunder was 2nd with $3,200 and also Megan was last v $1,400.

Round 2 Categories: few of the Tea in China – fill in Their days – Climate – places That became Words – What’s the large Idea? – Kowalski, film – Analysis

James discovered the first Daily twin in “What’s the huge Idea” under the $1,600 proviso on the 4th pick. He remained in the lead v $16,000 now, $13,600 more than rob in second place. He gambling $9,812 and also he to be RIGHT.

Atomistic is opposing of this -istic view that an event or problem must be studied in the entirety. show

James found the last Daily double in “Fill in your Dates” under the $800 clue, with a dozen hints left after ~ it. In the lead through $31,412, he had $22,012 an ext than Megan in 2nd place. In watch of the ahead 3 stumpers, he said “this classification seems hard” and also only gambling $5,000. Together it rotate out, it was easy and he to be RIGHT.

Martin Luther King: ____ 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968. show

James perfect in the lead through $41,612. Megan was following with $12,200 and also Rob was in third place with $8,400.

Only one of the contestants got final Jeopardy! right.


According come the Austrian commonwealth Chancellery, the Austrian national anthem, “The Bundeshymne” to be officially embraced on 25 February 1947, after ~ a challenge was held by the Federal federal government to placed words to the track that had been selected previously in 1946. Although the track was thought to have been composed by Mozart, that has been disputed by recent research that attributes it to Johann Holzer. The initial text was composed by Paula Preradović. (Note: castle don’t appear to have an English translation of this page also though it claims “Deutsch / Englisch” at height right. That will just bounce you earlier to the residence page however you might get a popular music up for a Google translation.) Click right here for details on the ahead Joseph Haydn anthem, still offered in part as Germany’s nationwide anthem.

Listen come 70 human being sing a line from their national Anthems. (Austria is in ~ 1:32)

Rob created down Belgium. He shed everything but a dollar.

Megan to be going for Germany yet only acquired a much as Ger-. That cost her $4,601, leaving her through $7,599.

James obtained it right. He bet $17,000 and also won this enhance with $58,612. His 31-day total is $2,382,583. They should play “Anticipation” instead of the constant think music beginning tomorrow!

A triple stumper from every round:

CHILDISH BAMBINO ($600) Babe had actually this player leadership position for just 6 days prior to being stripped the it for going ~ a fan in the stands

FILL IN their DATES: ($2000) Elizabeth I: September 7, 1533 – march 24, ____

2 year ago: Only among the players acquired this FJ in “African Capitals”

This port city on the Congo flow was established in 1883 & is called for a europe explorer.

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