Jess Hilarious Ex Boyfriend: Chris, Jess Hilarious’s ex-boyfriend, obviously had actually some stuff he wanted to obtain off his chest, so he required to social media come bash the comedian and actress. Chris ran under a list of his ex’s most recent transgressions in one Instagram update, native adultery v a married man to racially profiling the Sikh men on the plane.

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Jess Hilarious Ex Boyfriend

Quick front a couple of weeks later, after ~ the drama has died down, and also these two are earlier to gift frisky. And also it to be all recorded on video. Previously, the comedian’s exes went with some relationship turmoil ~ Wayne to be accused of cheating ~ above a woman claiming to it is in his wife.

The father of nine children soon denied gift married, saying the he had applied for divorce. After ~ a couple of weeks (and reportedly some ago and forth between the two women), the comedy pair took a break.

Jess Hilarious Ex Boyfriend

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