The abc late-night host mocked the Chicago-based airline Monday ~ above "Jimmy Kimmel Live" ~ a passenger was shown being dragged from his chair on one overbooked Sunday trip at O"Hare international Airport.

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This video posted on social media reflects Dr. David Dao being dragged native a unified Airlines trip from Chicago"s O"Hare worldwide Airport come Louisville, Ky., on April 9, 2017. (Jayse D. Anspach)

Kimmel very first took problem with united CEO Oscar Munoz because that apologizing afterward for having to "re-accommodate" passengers.

"This is like when we re-accommodated El Chapo the end of Mexico," Kimmel said. "That is such sanitized, speak nothing, take no responsibility, corporate BS-speak. I don"t know just how the male who sent out that tweet didn"t vomit as soon as he typed the out."

Kimmel also introduced a NSFW commercial for United: "We"re united Airlines. You perform what we say, once we say and there won"t be a problem. Capiche? If we say girlfriend fly, you fly. If not, tough (expletive). Offer us a problem, and we"ll traction your (expletive) off theplane. And if friend resist, we"ll beat you so badly, you"ll be making use of your own confront as a flotation device."

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The late-night mockery could have been worse because that United, yet most late-night hosts are off this week. Conan O"Brien dida little bit that featured abystander beingdragged right into an north seat in the "Conan" audience.

Shots ring out amid last-minute Christmas shopping in ~ Oakbrook Center, four civilization wounded, police to speak Oakbrook center shooting: shopping center on lockdown ~ report of shots fired

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