The jingle Bells Telethon raises money for family members in require over the holidays. Money increased from the five-hour live TV show goes come helping nearly 900 families each December, together with other ways throughout the year.

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The 73rd Live jingle Bells Telethon was hosted Saturday, December 11th, 5pm-10pm

Televised LIVE from the Alexandria Area High School"s Performing art Theatre (PAC) In former of a live audience this year! free Admission!

Other city hall options:

this websiteCharter Spectrum Cable Channel 181Selective TV Channel 21.4Gardonville Channel 4Park region Channel 1Runestone Telecom Channel 6Arvig Channel 14

Guide to jingle Bells 2021

Jingle Bells 2021 will take place on Saturday, December 11th beginning at 5pm! The an initial show was held in December of 1949. It has actually run every year since then!The telethon will take location at Alexandria Area High School.

We space looking forward to a good Jingle Bells occasion in 2021!


If you"d like to be known for your contribution to the solder Bells foundation but will certainly not be able to make it come the PAC to current it in person, you deserve to take a picture of her gift and/or group, together with any pertinent information, and submit that (by Dec. 9th) to jinglebellsfoundation


Do you have a tiny group that would favor to help? Please contact us for extr information on activities on just how you have the right to help. Call us here

For the past 70 years, the we"ve to be celebrating the holidays by providing to those much less fortunate, through a Christmas Themed telethon. This live telethon occasion is held every December to raise money for Douglas County and also surrounding areas. Countless businesses, organizations, individuals and volunteers have made this possible through the end the years. This year, do it her year!

pictures & video clip from past Telethons

If friend have any kind of archive jingle Bells video from the 1980’s, 1995-1998, 2000-2005, please contact us. jkorkowski


2020 Telethon

Televised LIVE indigenous the Alexandria Area High School’s Performing arts Theatre (PAC)!! because of COVID-19 protocols, we room unable to welcome in guests to view the program at the PAC, however, we have actually many options for you to check out the regimen either “RIGHT HERE” online or over the air (Channel options provided below). The 2020…


2019 Telethon

2018 Telethon

2017 Telethon

The 2017 Telethon to be presented on these channels: Charter cable channel 181 Selective TV channel 21.4 Gardonville channel 4 Park region channel 1 Runestone Telecom Channel 6 Arvig Channel 14 This Website (via YouTube Live Streaming)

2016 solder Bells Telethon

2015 solder Bells Telethon

Videos native the 2015 jingle Bells TelethonHour 1 – 2015 jingle Bells Hour 2 – 2015 solder Bells Hour 3 – 2015 jingle Bells Hour 4 – 2015 jingle Bells Hour 5 – 2015 solder Bells

For questions contact (320) 335-2488

The proceeds that this telethon advantage those in need in Douglas County and surrounding communities.

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2021 point out the 73rd year the the solder Bells telethon.

The occasion is hosted every December, raises money native a live telethon-and all of the funds increased go to helping those in need throughout the holidays.

So countless businesses, organizations, individuals and also volunteers have actually made this possible through the years and also we are truly thankful to have actually those relationships. These efforts always serve as a an excellent community unifier.

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Volunteers, specifically the kids, find out the value of providing to others and also the heart of volunteerism and community. We acknowledge that in our yearly scholarship offered to High institution seniors as well.

It can not be said sufficient how humbled we are to it is in blessed by her generosity and also caring. With each other we can make a difference not only during the holiday season, however throughout the year!

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