Lopez has constantly been recognized for her curves, but was initially shy about recording this floor filler the celebrates her infamous backside. However, the star was won end by she six-year-old twins Max and also Emme."At very first I said "Never in my life will certainly I carry out a tune called large Booty,"" she explained during an figure on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "But then I was in the automobile with mine twins and as quickly as lock heard big Booty they walk crazy. They love this song and because of that I taped it."
Lopez described the song"s an interpretation on hot 97"s The Angie Martinez Show. ""Big Booty" is a song I did through Diplo," she said. "It"s a funny song and it"s around owning everything about you and who girlfriend are and also embracing that."
The tune finds Lopez poking funny at her celebrated rear. "I"ve always strayed native embracing every these various parts of myself as a person and also as one artist, however this time ns was like, "I am all these various things,"" she told Billboard magazine. "I can be silly, I can make funny of myself, but I can also be deathly major and means too deep and introspective sometimes. Ns think people have for this reason many much more sides to us than simply one. We"re much an ext colorful 보다 that."

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Ted Jennings indigenous California The fact that over there is even a set of truth to illuminate this video clip is simply plain hilarious.see an ext comments
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