Is it simply us or does Joaquin Phoenix\"s infamously cringy 2009 interview ~ above Late Night through David Letterman seem likewise cringy to the Joker\"s interview on the Murray Show? Minus the killing of course.

If you prefer to clock old interviews that actors and actresses odds are you\"ve more than likely come across Phoenix\"s very cringy interview. You could have also watched the live. If not, you\"ve more than likely only checked out it freshly because all of Letterman\"s cringy interviews are just now resurfacing.

the town hall the interview you know something is up. Phoenix does not seem like himself and also Letterman is provoking him, make the efforts to make jokes come defuse the tension. However there was something deeper walking on and for once, Letterman wasn\"t in on the joke. Here\"s the story around what really occurred in the infamous interview.

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The Interview Was part Of an Act

the all began with a film referred to as I\"m tho Here, the brainchild that Phoenix and Casey Affleck, who were ideal friends at the time and likewise brothers-in-law.

I\"m quiet Here is a mockumentary spoof film the Affleck, who also directed, and Phoenix wrote together. It adheres to Phoenix in actual life native the suggest when he announced he was retiring from exhilaration to go after a music career together a hip hop artist.

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Phoenix took technique acting over and beyond, continuing to be in character for the whole time they were filming, even throughout public appearances and certain interviews. There was lots of confusion however Phoenix made that seem really believable. This is Phoenix we\"re talk about, ~ all. He\"s excellent stranger points in his life.

no one knew about the film other than the brothers-in-law. When he showed up on Late Night in 2009, he was clearly in character unbeknownst to the audience and even Letterman himself.

\"Phoenix Via: The mirror
The first thing Letterman picked up on was Phoenix\"s appearance and right the end of the door he made a joke that didn\"t seem come amuse the actor. \"You look various than i remember you.\"

due to the fact that Letterman didn\"t know around what Phoenix to be doing and also wasn\"t in on the joke, we\"re the town hall his actual reaction to Phoenix\"s weirdness. He ongoing to pester about Phoenix\"s beard, make Phoenix feeling uncomfortable.

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Phoenix was attract sunglasses, his hair was longer and also unkempt, the slurred his words and also seemed out of it, not really comprehending what Letterman is talking to him about. It seemed like he was hungover or also drunk.

once Letterman asked him things he gave tiny to no reply and also looked perplexed when the audience ongoing to laugh in ~ his behavior and also Letterman\"s creepy uncle jokes.

\"What perform you have actually them on,\" Phoenix request Letterman referring to the audience laughing in ~ him talking about pursuing i know good hop. \"What perform you gas em\" increase with?\"

when Phoenix claimed he working on his music, Letterman says, \"You recognize that appears unlikely.\" Phoenix didn\"t to speak anything, he just shook his head, stunned. When Letterman asked if Phoenix could introduce a clip native his latest film, Two Lovers, Letterman, and also his sidekick Paul Shaffer \"manically laugh.\" Phoenix said, \"Are girlfriend f---king kidding? room you serious? i don\"t even know what the clip is.\"

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Phoenix started to gain pissed off, Letterman jabbed more, and said, \"Relax we\"re having actually fun.\" Joaquin asked, \"That\"s fun?\"

Finally, Letterman said, \"Joaquin I\"m i m really sorry you couldn\"t be right here tonight.\" Phoenix mockingly called Letterman a funny guy.

We recognize that the was all a ruse ~ above Phoenix\"s part but what did live audience think? What if Phoenix wasn\"t in character? Letterman still would have actually made his cringy jokes and made Phoenix feel awkward.

He went back to \"Late Night\" To Explain

A year after the interview, Phoenix went back to Late Night, to define what yes, really happened.

I\"m tho Here was simply released, for this reason by the moment he went on the show, anyone knew what Phoenix had been doing for the previous year.

This time, Phoenix appeared cleaned up, and as shortly as he sat down, Letterman brought up the elephant in the room. He began by explaining he\"s a large fan that Phoenix\"s and also knew there had to be something up with him the year before. \"So what perform you need to say because that yourself?\" he said.

Phoenix thanked the for having in on both times and also went into explaining I\"m tho Here, and said he had actually to carry out what he did to make the film feel like a reality display that \"explored celebrity.\"

\"You\"ve interviewed many, numerous people and also I assumed that you would know the difference between a character and also a real person, yet I apologize,\" Phoenix said. \"I hope ns didn\"t offend you in any way,\" Letterman claimed no, and also that he believed it was fun.

\"We\"d hoped to which a talk show and also I was trying to find a beatdown and also I obtained one. Ns really thank you because that that,\" Phoenix joked.

Letterman called Phoenix that as soon as the film came out that felt prefer he\"d been fooled, and also asked Phoenix how he seemed throughout the interview and also if he\"d come off as a jerk. Phoenix claimed he didn\"t even together he jokingly make a look that stated otherwise.

\"Phoenix Via: El Periódico
\"I play right right into your hands, didn\"t I? essentially you came in search of a to win down and you obtained one. Yet is that edited in such a means to make it look prefer \"Oh bad Joaquin, large dumb Dave is picking on bad Joaquin.\"

Phoenix claimed he didn\"t think so. Yet it is interesting to see that Letterman was so interested in exactly how he was perceived in the film. Perhaps he was simply making an additional joke however it still makes you think, through all these previous interviews resurfacing the don\"t necessarily paint Letterman in the finest light.

It\"s likewise ironic the we\"re actually saying \"Oh bad Lindsay Lohan and also poor Jennifer Aniston\" for being subjected to Letterman\"s weird creepy interviews currently that we\"ve looked ago at his past behavior.

The sad thing is that Phoenix\"s interview might have to be real-life and Letterman would have actually had one more cringy interview resurfacing right now. Wonder just how it felt because that Letterman to it is in played because that once.

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