As ESPYs host, Joel McHale(The Soup,Community)distributed the hoax evenly, acquisition shots at the sporting activities world’s best athletes and also Hollywood A-listers, alike.

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Starting backstage through Mo’ne Davis,McHaleurged Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to hand that the microphone — no throw the — a recommendation to the Seahawks’ losing last play at the super Bowl. After delivering American Pharoah jockey Victor Espinoza out to the phase on his back, McHalegot his monologue started.

“Espinoza is the first Latino jockey to win the Triple Crown, and also he’ll make background again when he’s the very first person Donald Trump deports to Mexico,” saidMcHale.

From there, McHale described himself together “the E! personality you are all so eager to see” and also hoped the the telecast would not it is in a three-hour waste of time — choose the Floyd Mayweather Jr.Manny Pacquiaofight. He additionally took aim at one of sports’ largest villains, FIFA chairman Sepp Blatter, calling his name the second-worst prescription-drug side impact — beside death.

In typical host fashion, McHale congratulated the year’s large winners: the gold State Warriors, the U.S. Women’sNational Team and also the Chicago Blackhawks.

“It’s been 22 years since a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup. It’s additionally been 22 years because Canada’s own Justin Bieber was conceived. It’s no a coincidence, Canada,” the joked. “It’s not. You understand what you have to do.”


McHale, whose tongue and wit room razor sharp on The Soup, relied more on presence and also delivery, rounding out his set with two lengthy setups for easy targets.

“Is a man desperately do the efforts to sell you unflattering dad jeans? then congratulations, you’ve scored a seat next to legendary quarterback Brett Favre. They walk up end the belly button. I’ve checked out the commercials. Just hanging out through dudes cram a football in jeans?”

And finally, he championed the recent string the female-athlete achievements, applauding Serena Williams, the UConnwomen’s basketball team and, finally,Ronda Rousey.

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“UFC champion Ronda Rousey, that is here tonight, might be the most leading athlete in every one of sports.Ronda’s knocked out an ext women thanBill Cosby. I’m sorry, i misspoke — I expected Dr. Bill Cosby.”

The group of world-class athletes didn’t buckle at the joke as therelatively patience McHale segued right into the show, the first-ever ESPYs telecast on network television.