Julia Roberts’ half-sister gained revenge on she superstar sibling from the grave — blaming the actress in she suicide note for helping to put “me into the deepest depression I’ve ever been in.”

Roberts’ troubled sibling, Nancy Motes — who passed away in a drug-induced stupor in February — bitterly wrote that the star and their mommy heaped so lot abuse on her, “I burst right into tears every morning since I wake up up.”

“I have actually suffered thru this disease all mine life. However, it has never to be this bad,” Motes, 37, wrote in the note, i m sorry was derived by the everyday Mail.

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Nancy Motes in 2013Splash News “My mother and also so-called ‘siblings’ obtain nothing except the memory the they space the ones the drove me into the deepest depression I’ve ever before been in,’’ Motes added.

The note was made public in court filings entailing Motes’ estate. The suicidal woman actually wrote three letters: one addressed to her fiancé, an additional to her mother and also sister, and a third addressed come “everyone” — however only her friend submitted his into the windy filing.

The negative blood in between Motes and also Roberts, 46, was already apparent prior to her death.

Roberts reportedly had been furious at she younger sister because that peddling a story to a newspaper critical year that stated she regularly teased she half-sibling over her weight.

Motes lashed ago on Twitter.

“Just therefore you every know, America’s Sweetheart is a B***H,” Motes tweeted that Roberts.

“Do you desire to it is in a fan of someone so cruel? she’s not also that an excellent of an actress. Happy you totally F***ed with me,’’ Motes seethed in one more tweet.

Motes, a former production assistant ~ above the TV show “Glee,” drowning in a bath tub after downing a deadly mixture that prescription and also nonprescription pills, according to the Los Angeles ar coroner.

In the self-destruction note, she called her fiancé, john Dilbeck, she “one true love’’ and also begged his forgiveness.

“I am so sorry, but like you claimed I’m nothing however a Junkie and you really are much better off w/out me,’’ she wrote.

“I hope some day you will forgive me . . . Please understand. This is all my fault, and you are truly a guy that i am so lucky to have been love by.

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“I will carry you through me forever. And I am so sorry.’’

Dilbeck and his family members are engaged in a it is too dirty legal fight with the “Pretty Woman” star and their mommy for control of Motes’ estate.