NameCurtis RooseveltSpouseMarina RooseveltBooksToo close come the sunRoleWriterChildrenJulianna E. Roosevelt
SiblingsEleanor Roosevelt Seagraves, man Roosevelt BoettigerCousinsSara Wilford, James Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevel, Kate Roosevelt Haddad, Joan Lindsay RooseveltSimilar PeopleAnna Roosevelt Halsted, john Roosevelt Boettiger, Curtis p Dall, James Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevel

Curtis Roosevelt (born Curtis Roosevelt Dall, April 19, 1930) is one American writer. He is the child of Anna Roosevelt and her first husband, Curtis p Dall. The is the eldest grandson of chairman Franklin D. Roosevelt and first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

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After 2 years offer in the United claims Army, Roosevelt obtained his master"s degree from the college of Government and Public legislation at Columbia University. In between 1956 and 1964, he functioned for number of years in advertising and also then mostly for non-profit institutions, consisting of the national Citizens board of directors for the general public Schools, the new School for Social Research, and Columbia University, and also as manager of the United claims Committee because that the joined Nations. In 1964, he to be recruited by the Secretariat that the unified Nations and also in the following years, till 1983, hosted various location in the international civil service.


Roosevelt served as primary at the Dartington university of arts in Devon, England, retiring in 1986. Since then he has served as a visiting professor in ~ the Geneva college of Diplomacy and International Relations, receiving one honorary doctorate in 2010. In 1987, he and also his mam Marina relocated to Deia, Mallorca, where Roosevelt devoted himself to pottery, few of his occupational being exhibited in a Palma gallery. He additionally occasionally composed on American politics for El Mundo in Spain.


Roosevelt"s publication Too Close to the Sun: cultivation up in the shadow of my Grandparents Franklin and also Eleanor was released in 2008 and led to a collection of radio and also television appearances by the author. In 2012, the publication was translated and published in France.


The Roosevelts currently live in a tiny village in the southern of France, wherein Marina has actually served on the conseil municipal. He has actually lectured at Lille University and also regularly appears on French television. He also writes sometimes for Le Figaro, the global Herald Tribune and also has had write-ups in La Tribune, France-Amerique, Marianne, and also the Commune de la Commune. Since of his link to his well known family, Roosevelt is frequently consulted through the Roosevelt Library in ~ Hyde Park and the national Park organization for comment on library exhibits and also historic residences Springwood and also Val-Kill.

In 2013, Roosevelt published an essay in e-book form, "Eyewitness in Israel: 1948", detailing his journey, at age 18, come the climate new nation at the behest that his grandmother Eleanor, with whom he to be traveling in Paris and also who sent out him in her stead come report back.

Personal life

Roosevelt has actually a younger half-brother, John, and an elder sister, Eleanor. As soon as he was three, Curtis, his sister, and his mom moved right into the White House, wherein they live for many years until his mommy remarried. Curtis Roosevelt was regularly referred to together "Buzzie" in 1930s newspapers. ~ his parents" divorce, his mommy married journalist Clarence man Boettiger. Once his mother was divorce from Boettiger, Eleanor Roosevelt and Anna did not want Curtis come reassume the lock Dall, for this reason Mrs. Roosevelt said he usage his middle name together his critical name.

Roosevelt married 4 times, an initial in 1950 come Robin V. Edwards, through whom he had one daughter, Julianna E. Roosevelt and also one grandson, Nicholas D. Roosevelt. He consequently married Ruth W. Sublette in 1955 and also Jeanette Schlottman in 1961. Due to the fact that 1985, he has actually been married come Marina Roosevelt.

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Major publications

Too Close to the Sun: growing Up in the zero of mine Grandparents, Franklin and also Eleanor. Public Affairs. New York, 2008."Eyewitness in Israel: 1948". Self-published e-book, 2013.