He has been pertained to as the Comedy Casanova, and also 54-year-old David Spade has actually proven the is worthy of together a title through all the women he has dated during his career.

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Two year ago, rumors swirled the Spade was date Glee star, Naya Rivera. Through a 22 year period difference, this coupling appeared to surprised many, however their pool images from Hawaii seemed to speak a thousand words. Their PDA images seemed to imply that Rivera was moving swiftly on from she divorce, but the pair quickly split.

Naya Rivera

In 1999, Lara Flynn Boyle got in addition to David Spade complying with her divorce from her first husband a year earlier. Their union involved an end in a dramatic method and affiliated fellow actor, Jack Nicholson. Top top July 8 that year, Nicholson was associated in a vehicle accident in the Hollywood Hills, and it was later revealed the Lara had actually been a passenger. The actress at first fled the scene, but that walk not protect against the National Enquirer from informing Spade she to be there.

Lara Flynn Boyle

David Spade has actually long been compared to playboy lothario George Clooney. Before his job of marriage and also fatherhood, Clooney self was attached to numerous leading ladies. In fact, he and Spade shared one lady in particular, in 2011. Fans were shocked once it to be revealed that the Saturday Night Live alum was date Baywatch beauty, beauty Krista Allen. It seems Allen’s eyes were elsewhere because she separation from Spade and famously began dating part else – none other than George Clooney, which seemed prefer a an ext realistic fitting.

Krista Allen

Back in 2003, Spade pulled the end all the stops to victory over Modern Family command actress, Julie Bowen. The Just shoot Me star managed to get Stevie Nicks to sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” top top Julie’s voicemail for she birthday, and it appeared to days! However, also having her favorite song sung come you by the artist herself to be not enough for this romance to last, and also the pair eventually made decision to call it quits. Credit transaction to Spade though because that his romantic gesture at the time, no wonder girls flock to him.

Julie Bowen

She was among the famous deals with from Desperate Housewives and romantically linked to David Spade, for this reason Ellen DeGeneres could not help but questioning if the rumors were true. Sheridan responded with, “We’re simply friends, we’re not dating… execute you see us together? No!” Ellen go not provide up there and also went on to show David Spade’s answer when he come on she show, to which he laughed and also responded with, “I think it’s less dating and much more her death time.”

Nicollette Sheridan

Following his reported romance through Heather Locklear, Spade date Australian actress Nicky Whelan in 2007. Uneven his previous romance and the plenty of others, however, Spade was not keeping this one a secret. The loved-up pair made their relationship public and also were routinely spotted ~ above red carpets together. Away from their celebrity events and also public appearances, they were still pictured roaming around together, up until 2008. The wasn’t come last in between Spade and Whelan, and also they broke things off early 2008.

Nicky Whelan

For his 47th birthday, David Spade commemorated by walk out through Jasmine Waltz, the model who to be famously attached to David Arquette following his divorce from Courtney Cox. In fact, Waltz is one lady who might give Spade a operation for his money once it concerns her Hollywood occupations over the years having dated Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney, Doug Reinhardt, kris Pine, and also Sean Stewart. Over there is no forgetting her X-rated video that went famous either, so Spade definitely had his sights top top her.

Jasmine Waltz

Things may have not settled with Julie Bowen, yet it was not lengthy until Spade had moved on. This time it was v Brittany Daniel that he met ~ above the collection of Joe dirt a pair of year earlier. Periodically your spreading director just happens to act together your an individual matchmaker in ~ the very same time. While lock drove off right into the sunset with each other in their on-screen love affair, the exact same cannot be said for genuine life, and the pair ended points the adhering to year.

Brittany Daniel

Naya Rivera and David Spade absolutely made headlines after your Hawaii photos hit the headlines, but their split was confirmed when the Rules that Engagement actor to be spotted kissing singer and model Ivy Levan in respectable 2017. Because that the next pair of months, the pair ongoing to it is in spotted out together, yet things concerned a halt end the fall, and also it became clear the Spade and Levan to be no more. That course, this go not protect against David from getting ago on the dating scene.

Ivy Levan

Whether David is spotted out with a beautiful lady once or ten times, Hollywood is walk to obtain their tails wagging, and also every picture feasible will make the headlines. In 2010, this happened when David was spotted out through Padma Lakshmi on the method to dinner at Koi in Los Angeles. This sighting to be on June 16 that year and also was the only sighting come date. That has end up being clear the David has actually dated since, so it is recognized nothing came of this.

Padma Lakshmi

Jillian Grace showed up on The Howard Stern Show for test shots and was later on crowned Playboy’s miss March 2005. Unsurprisingly, she additionally caught the eye the David Spade, yet their romantic was different from all the others. After enjoying a short affair in 2008, Grace invited her and also Spade’s child, a daughter called Harper, in August that year. Spade take it a paternity check to prove the girl to be his and, when the results came earlier positive, he stated he would accept every responsibility.

Jillian Grace

She may have married previous Marine sniper provide Reynolds in 2006, yet Jillian Barberie admitted on The Howard Stern Show the she and also David Spade gained a bit much more than familiar in 2004. She spoke of your intimate to work in the year prior, but because the people knows that the former Good job L.A. Co-anchor has committed it s her to who else, nothing to be to come between her and also David Spade. That is also well-known that Spade was able to relocate on indigenous this short romance.

Jillian Barberie

Before landing a recurring role on 90210, Sara Foster was apparently dating the renowned man that the ’90s. The funnyman was attached to the actress in 2004 and, while castle may have actually shared a few acting tips v one another, they to be not collection to spend their lives together. Sara went on to marry her skilled tennis player husband, cutting board Haas, in 2010, and Spade went on to date the likes of Jillian Barberie and Heather Locklear in the years the followed.

Sara Foster

It has been reported not once yet twice that David Spade has been connected to Baywatch beauty, Carmen Electra. After reportedly obtaining close in ~ the 2006 Teen an option Awards, it was rumored that the pair were romantically linked. This happened once again in 2008 once the famed pair landed on Lavo in ~ the Palazzo, and Tao in ~ the Venetian in las Vegas on brand-new Year’s Eve. It can only it is in assumed the they to be hoping to share a kiss when the clock struck midnight!

Carmen Electra

There to be no missing the minute David Spade and also Pamela Anderson proved up with each other at Jet Nightclub within the Mirage Resort and also Casino in las Vegas in 2008, and also celeb-watchers walk wild! The paparazzi were rapid to get a snap the these 2 walking side by side right into the nightclub, and cameras additionally spotted the pair getting close inside. This had Pam kissing the gibbs on the cheek, yet it is unknown if anything walk further in between the pair or if this was just what happens in Vegas!

Pamela Anderson

In 2007, David Spade admitted the he had been romantically affiliated with actress pagan Locklear in the past. “We did day there because that a while. Gorgeous girl. She was great. We’re friends, and also now she’s top top Rules the Engagement’>,” he admitted to David Letterman. “She dram a girl that dates me the everyone states she shouldn’t be dating. It’s, like, even on my show that’s the angle.” Heather later revealed come TMZ why her ex is so successful with women, stating, “because he’s — ahem — well-endowed.”

Heather Locklear

Whenever David Spade is spotted v a mrs companion, over there is a great reason come speculate that the two might be dating many thanks to his playboy reputation. The same occurred when he to be spotted having actually a romantic dinner with his Joe dirt 2: Beautiful Loser co-star, Charlotte McKinney, in 2016. The rumor mill got in full drive as soon as they came with each other for a Coachella Funny or die roast satire video clip that very same month. Similar to many of David’s romances, this was never evidenced or denied.

Charlotte McKinney

She ended up being famous for being a lingerie model, and also he to be the guy who had actually success with numerous beautiful women, so Caprice Bourret and David Spade seemed to it is in a perfect mix. When again, David got the woman many men could only wish they can meet, and the two were often photographed together out in public. Nevertheless, your romance was preserved brief, and also Caprice began dating her existing partner Ty lull in 2011, definition David Spade was completely out of the question.

Caprice Bourret

During the elevation of both your careers, David Spade won the love of Tara Reid. The Saved through The Bell actress was coming to be well-known because that her duty in the American Pie films and was many people’s crush during this time. However, it was the comedic actor who managed to day the star for, what was believed to be, a year before calling that quits. Simply after the revolve of the century, the pair parted methods after it appeared that David Spade was not prepared to change his playboy ways.

Tara Reid

The Young and also the Restless star, Stacey Hayes, was spotted plenty of times through comedian David Spade, and also we deserve to see the attraction. V Hayes gift a regular at the Los Angeles Comedy save where she is a stand-up comedian, there must have been a many jokes going earlier and forth in between the pair. Meanwhile, Spade had begun his connection with Hayes shortly after dating Tara Reid in the early on 2000s, and it seemed that Spade had actually a thing for blondes at the time.

Stacey Hayes

It was reported the David Spade and also Pretty in Pink actress, Kristy Swanson, were getting close in the mid-1990s. Rumors circulated that the pair were more than friends and were seeing each various other on a regular basis in spite of their liven schedules. David was busy filming Tommy Boy with his close friend kris Farley, and also Kristy was filming Higher Learning. The pictures seemed come prove the rumors true, but perhaps their conflicting schedules gained in the way of anything arising further.

Kristy Swanson

It looks as though David Spade had a point for the actors of Desperate Housewives, with it being rumored the the gibbs dated command actress Teri Hatcher throughout the ’90s. Rumors started to swirl after the pair were seen together everywhere, however this can have all been since of an SNL skit in 1996. In ~ the time, Spade was playing Teri Hatcher, and Hatcher was play David Spade, both making funny of each various other for the skit. If a relationship had blossomed together a result, the was no to last.

Teri Hatcher

After acting on Saturday Night Live with each other in 1992, David Spade and also Kelli McCarty easily fell because that one another. As soon as again, it seems Spade had actually a type, through Kelly having actually won miss out on America in 1991 she was one more beautiful lady that countless men wish they might have met. However, whatever did happen in between the pair did not last long, through their courtship ending pretty much after that started. It has actually been proven that periodically co-stars should just keep their connection professional!

Kelli McCarty

Perhaps she is most famous for being linked to the Kardashians because she is married to former The Hills star, Brody Jenner, but at one point, Kaitlynn Carter was watched out v David Spade. The pair weren’t just pictured the end together, but also holding hands, arguing there was something in between the two. Back in 2012, rumors began to fly that these two were an item, also with Spade gift nearly double Carter’s age! perhaps that is what led to their ultimate downfall.

Kaitlynn Carter

Former Calvin Klein model and also actress, Jennifer Rubin, dated David Spade briefly in 1993. While his previous relationships prove that he likes to go for blondes an ext often 보다 not, Jennifer differed in that she to be brunette. Moreover, she is also taller 보다 the Rules of Engagement actor. Standing at 5 feet nine inches, Jennifer is that extra bit taller than Spade who is 5 foot seven inches. Nobody of that mattered after ~ all due to the fact that the pair referred to as it quits quickly after lock began.

Jennifer Rubin

During the time Spade was functioning on a film referred to as Black Sheep in 1996, it to be alleged that he was dating Bobbie Phillips, that was working on the post-feminist work, critically acclaimed Showgirls. With the duo both being in the same industry, it is no surprised that the two crossed paths and also perhaps were associated romantically at one point or another. However, it can have only been brief because there is not lot written around this relationship, nor any kind of proof for either source.

Bobbie Phillips

During the summer that 2017, paparazzi spotted Spade hanging out v a mystery woman after her time with Naya Rivera came to an end. If she’s no recognizable, like numerous of the other women he has actually been romantically attached with, the seemed prefer Spade was having a whale of a time with her. The pair looked an extremely casual, v the lady wearing fishnets, a Led Zeppelin T-shirt and also boots. They to be walking v West Hollywood and even had a passionate kiss in public.

Mystery mrs (2017)

Another an enig woman that David Spade to be spotted with in publicly wasn’t determined by the press. However, the images did send media outlets right into a frenzy. The looks prefer the odd pair were out gaining some coffee. It simply goes to present that David Spade doesn’t distinguish when it concerns how famed or unknown the ladies in his life are. If you’re a quite person and also have plenty of personality, climate Spade is most likely to save you company.

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Mystery mrs (2018)

We don’t know that much around David Spade’s supposed relationship v Erin Smith. All we do know is that it was one of the actor’s previously flings, happening approximately 1996. They to be attending the premiere that Independence Day together. She can not be among Spade’s most famed ladies, yet Erin Smith has actually a pretty considerable filmography of her own right. No only has she had actually roles in shows and movies, but Smith has also produced her fair re-superstructure of material.

Erin Smith

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