Material: PlasticSize: 13cm x 13cm approx.Catchy musicColorful LED lightsJumping activity ball for dogsSolo entertainment for dogs






Your dog's faithfulness towards you and also your family members has made the a significant member that the family, and you must make certain that this family member is well gifted and also taken treatment of?

This LED Jumping activation sphere for dogs is certain to become love at first sight for your buddy. Dogs are always more comfortable through interactive toys, and also this bouncing dog toy is the best choice.

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Put an end to her fears about your dog being lethargic because this dancing ball will tempt your dog come stand and play through it.

Keep her camera within your reach and also capture her dog play joyfully with his new toy. He'll be rolling end the floor to run after this LED jumping activation ball toy because that as long as the can.

What you'll get:

Lets friend rest: This dancing ball have to be her go-to toy if you're weary of your dog forcing you to play with him. This is a great gift for your pooch since it will store him engaged for hours without requiring her attention. Girlfriend can get some remainder while the dog is playing with his brand-new toy.

Fun and also entertaining: The catchy music and multi-colored lamp emitting indigenous the round make the a perfect dog treat, which ensures a funny time, remove the boring way of living of your dog.

 Healthy physical activity: her dog will be physically energetic while playing v it, quite than safety his days and also nights on your comfortable sofa. The interactive toy proceeds to vibrate vigorously, encouraging her dog to move and also interact through it. This physical task will improve your pet's health.

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Solution come boredom: This bouncing dog toy is entertaining enough to save your dog from being bored or lonely. Store your dog populated with this interactive toy to protect against separation anxiety and obsessive, compulsive behaviors.