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Aka: Smile, Sm:)eGenre: Romance, YouthDate Released: 2018CDrama: 24 EpisodesBased ~ above a novelCast:Hou Jung Chen as Xin Yuanling (Mr Xin)Zhao Duona as Shen Xun – Superstar Product EndorserZhang ShaSha as Jiang Ye, Shen Xun & Shu Shan’s managerLin Xiao as An Ge, young brand-new actorHuang Xin Yao as Du Nian, ambitious actress and Xiao Xing’s flatmateLin Shi Jie together Ye Ling (Director Ye)Liu Daphne together Du Ruo, XiaoXing’s bestfriend and flatmateYan Li, DirectorFang Li, mr Qin Assistant


Two damaged individuals, fated by a long time back accident , conquer their challenges by being together.

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Episode 1

First couple of minutes that this drama and I love the already.

Xiao Xing is one actress but with a difference. She suffers native lens aphasia, i m sorry is the i can not qualify to speak when confronted with a camera/lens.

Due come this condition, Xiao Xing plays mostly roles that a dead person. When not exhilaration dead, she is an all-around girl, law props, make-up and in charge of the clapper.

Omigod, this drama is for this reason cute and also Li Wenhan is just too adorable. Du Bella is feisty and also appealing. Really loving this drama.

Shu Shan is a superstar. He’s a singer but for part reason, he occurred haphephobia, the fear of touching and being touched. This was due to an accident in the previous that has yet to it is in revealed.

He visited the studio v his manager and also a budding actress referred to as Shen Xun, who is a superstar product endorser. In the chaos of the over-excited fans, Xiao Xing was tasked to bring in Shen Xun into the studio. But Xiao Xing dragged the dorn person. She took Shu Shan instead, that was for sure surprised the her touch did no repel him.

Now he had to convince her to it is in his assistant!

Episode 2

Shu Shan has been courting Xiao Xing to become his assistant but she had actually turned under his market repeated.

Xiao Xing is yes, really desperate to become an actress however she simply can’t carry out it .

Her function as an extra in a historical drama to be made larger by the director because she has actually a good screen presence. He offered her a dialogue but when the camera started rolling she froze..

It appears she has no an option but to expropriate Shu Shan’s market until she can acquire over her fear with the camera.

Episode 3

Shu Shan discovered Xiao Xing in a edge looking an extremely upset. Shu Shan told she to go with him and also they had a lover talk. In addition, Xiao Xing was pleased to get the designer dress she wanted however can’t afford and also nowhere really to stay to.

There was a funny scene where Xiao Xing to be storytelling a fear story. She was standing in a chair v a noose on she neck because that maximum effect. Unfortunately, her finest friend by chance kicked under the chair and also she was left hanging hysterically for a few seconds.

Xiao Xing finally embraced that with exactly how things are, she cannot be one actress. She made a decision to be Shu Shan’s assistant instead.

This episode is a visual treat. There are lots of half-naked scenes with Shu Shan. Hehehe as soon as he was in bed, ~ a shower. Yey

Episode 4

Shu Shan is being actors in a drama referred to as Life Target. Du Nian, a young ambitious actress is trying to acquire closer to Shu Shan.

Episode 5

Shu Shan lastly confessed come Xiao Xing his fear of touching and also being touched.

To aid Shu Shan get used to his leading lady, Xiao Xing bought digital a sex doll, she climate pasted Du Nian’s facial picture on the doll. This scene was hilarious.

Shu Shan to be watching the news report around a guy who has actually been assaulting women close to where the dropped off Xiao Xing.

He rushed the place and also when the heard scream he operation to Xiao Xing and also lovingly assured himself the she was not hurt.

The point is that Xiao Xing’s sideline to be vlogging horrific scenarios and she to be rather famous at it.

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Episode 6

Xiao Xing’s tender moment with Shu Shan was trending, which was a headache because that the producer and also Shushan’s manager, that were busily thinking of damages limitation control.

An idol, ideally, must be footloose and fancy-free to cater come the fans’ adoration.