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Justin Bieber's layout has significantly evolved in the last couple years, and also with his album cycle and tour in complete swing, we're getting virtually daily to update on his wardrobe. And we're not complaining; after ~ all, we named him one of the ideal dressed men of last year. However, throughout all the changes, over there is one piece that (for far better or worse) that's has actually maintained a desired spot in Bieber's rotation—the trucker hat.

Yes, the wears quite a variety of head gear, yet in a time wherein "dad" caps room atop everyone else's heads—​from Kanye West and also Travis Scott to chairman Obama—​it appears Justin is as dedicated as ever to Ashton Kutcher's all-time favourite accessory. Fashionably speaking, we haven't checked out the trucker acquire this much activity since somewhere approximately 2003, the era of Ed Hardy and Paris Hilton. Bieber was just nine year old in ~ the time, and also his really memorable haircut did not leave much an are for hats as self-expression then. But, around two years ago, Bieber started to do the move from generally snapbacks to mesh-backed truckers and hasn't turned back. Donning brands choose Starter at first, he's now relocated on come others favor the and also Suns one that wore if vacationing v "pal" Hailey Baldwin, or the plain black variety, which that wore fully fitted in Off-White ~ above Jimmy Fallon, or through his leopard Saint Laurent jacket in ~ the 2016 Grammys.

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Despite the co-sign indigenous Yung Bieber, we have to question: Is the trucker cap something or simply his thing? over there is certain no doubt around the affect of skate society in fashion in ~ the moment, and merged with the popular of vintage, distressed band tees—like those from Bieber's personal favorite label, are afraid of God—is the impact really that far off native the job of Christian Audigier's rock-and-roll inspired lines (sans bedazzling) almost a te ago?

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Fortunately, this is a nice low-risk move, for this reason you have some room to experiment. Girlfriend can gain your hand on a trucker hat for cheap; if you find out friend can't rock it choose he does, it's really no big deal. And, no matter what, it's absolutely a less permanent homage than, say, a pair of point of view wings tattooed on her neck. One of two people way, take it indigenous Pharrell, who knows his method around this style: when it concerns wearing trucker hats, there are no regrets.