Justin Bieber got much more than hebargained for as soon as he stopped by the Z100 Radio terminal in new York City ~ above Aug. 24. One eager fan acquired so excited, she actuallystolea kiss while posing for photos. Can you blame her? Click below to watch!

Justin Bieber, 21, certain does have a way with the ladies! The “What do You Mean” singer dropped by the Z100 Radio terminal in new York on Aug. 24 tohang out v somevery lucky fans while cultivating his brand-new album. Tiny did he understand however, the one daring female fan had a little more in mental than just the normal meet and also greet. She in reality stole a kiss from the chart-toper!

The kiss, i m sorry was very first featured ~ above the Instagram web page

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officialbiebernews, came as a surprise to Justin, who invested the morning hanging out with a number of his greatest supporters. The female fan cuddled up to him because that a hug and also showed off she squeaky voice —likely a an outcome of every the cheering she did exterior the radio station earlier that morning— prior to puckering she lips in an attempt to score a smooch native the superstar. In the video, Justin have the right to be heard saying, “Are girlfriend trying come kiss me best now?” before allowing the adoring pan to tree a large oneon his cheek. Therefore cute!


Of course, scoring kisses native hardcorefans is solid a new occurrencefor the 21-year-old heart-throb. Back in may 2015, the pop singergave a exclusive concert in ~ LA’s happy Strike, performing few of his greatest hits like “One less Lonely Girl,” “Baby,” and “Boyfriend” as component of the do A wish Foundation.While the Biebs decided not to short article pics native the occasion on his society media, Instagram photos and YouTube videos provided by fans verified the himposing for pics v the crowd, letting castle kiss him and evenserenading one one-of-a-kind girl. #Swoon.

The radio display event is additionally just the latest in a cable of promotional occasions Justin has been law in the lead approximately the release of his new, yet-untitled album, i m sorry is claimed to autumn on Friday, November 13. Prior to that, Justin struggle the phase at the inaugural Billboard music festival at the Nikon in ~ Jones Beach theatre on Aug.

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23, where he placed on arguably among his ideal performances to date!Although the singer had a few audio problems, he regulated to rockthe crowd during his performances the “Boyfriend” and also “As lengthy As girlfriend Love Me.” near the end of his set, Justin slowed points down v a pair of acoustic songs and when it to be time to end the show, that performed “Where room Ü Now” withSkrillex, 27, and also even took his shirt off. So hot!

Tell us4476mountvernon.comrs, are YOU excited because that Justin’s album release? and also what did friend think that his recent performance? allow us understand your think in the comment below!