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do you understand why hentai to be created? it was to view anime girls obtaining facked. Especialy in the 20th century were anime was largely aimed at kids.all these characters we fantasized on.FINALY we would see them in these sex-related intercourses. FINALY the harem protagonist would sleep with the girls.FINALY we were able come sink in depth in our "relationship" with anime girls.but, come me in ~ least and I think I'm not the just one here, there to be alwais a difference between anime girl and hentai girl. Hentai girl were like anime girl yet they were... Different.they didn't realy feeling "anime-ish".It's not only the character, the plot was among the most necessary reasons this anime girls wouldn't feel as anime as genuine animes girls. Castle didn't have time to create the personalities as full anime-series could.ho, and I'm talking around ""modern"" anime: 2005+ because there room a few old hentais the end there that do have (old)anime-ish characters.also, don't obtain me wrong, they can be good, even an excellent sometimes. However never as cute and also anime-ish as real anime.and this is whereby Kami-machi succeds best, native what I've watched at least(and that's rather a lot of I'm a fucking degenerate).Kami machi isn't a hentai through an exeptional plot, but I think it reflects promise. At the very least from the time I'm writing this evaluation (1ep the end only, significant as perfect on MAL yet I think there will be an ext episodes come come).In this world, teenages girl space leaving their residences to "chase gods", leaving themselves as much as them cling top top them. Us don't understand what these god are however it will probably be described in the next episodes, if there room any. I think that is a allegory because that love or the loved one: they find for love. This would certainly be why second girl who appears at the center of the 1rst ep has actually "stopped searching for the gods" and started "working favor an adult".So we start by following that girl, sana, who's looking for a home and has simply met MC; yet MC, gift the hentai protagonist that he is, won't let her stay in his residence unless she BJs him. A classic reaction and we favor it.but then the girl drops in love with him(because plot! isn't love great!) and also they an ext or much less spend all their time together, being lover and also fucking for our eye pleasure.what ns like around this hentai space the situations, they room not experimental or realy noþeles new(yet of ep 1), exept because that the handjob in a sock, haven't seen that in a hentai yet, yet it's all really well executed.Now to the most essential point: main girl feels really anime-ish, together I was saying in the begining, and in fact, she is the cutest and also most anime-ish hentai girl I have personnaly ever seen.this renders for several of the most enjoyable scenes a vanilla enthusiast would uncover on this market.Not only that however she reaction in a really anime-ish method and v this an initial episode, ns think the personnality traits that were given to her aid a lot of to do her feel favor a genuine anime girl and give her a real personnality a teenage girl would certainly have.There are a couple of flaws unfortunatly, sana for instance falls in love really fast with him. Even if 2 years pass by, to us it's seconds. This is a trouble in the creating or at least for the viewer's experience. But it doesn't take much if any type of of the cuteness she shines with, and I think it have to be viewed as the prologue, we see that very first minute climate we move on to the real exciting part.this hentai is, in mine opinion, among if not the ideal looking hentai I have seen and main girl is the cutest hentai girl I've seen.there is likewise this various other girl that surely will administer us through trios in the future. Us didn't check out her a lot but I think we'll watch her again.to conclude, I would say this hentai has standard scenes and situations, an exciting plot who shows promise, good writting and also EXEPTIONAL spring girls, especialy key girl.I will certainly say this hentai shows promise. A lot of promise, especialy because that vanilla hentai enthusiasts favor me and also surely is just one of the hentais to look the end for in the next weeks.