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Katie Rost Biography

Katie Rost is a renowned American model and also TV personality. She is ideal known for her appearance together a actors member that the Bravo TV series, The real Housewives of potomac (RHOP).

Katie is too recognized together a host in the American talk show of 2017 BET known as teen Summit. Together a model, she had worked with various elite fashion brands consisting of L’Oreal, Covergirl, and also Macy.

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Katie Rost Age

Rost is 41 year old as of 2021, she to be born ~ above 7 July 1980, in Potomac, Maryland, unified States. She celebrates her birthday on 7 July every year and her birth sign is Cancer. She is one American by nationality and she belongs come white ethnicity.

Katie Rost Height

Rost stands at a elevation of 5 feet 10 inches(1.78 m)tall. 

Katie Rost Weight

Rost weighs a substantial 65 kg (143 lbs).

Katie Rost Education

Rost checked out a private school Holton Arms college in D.C.later on, she visited Boston University’s university of Communications and graduated v a degree in transfer Journalism

Katie Rost Parents

Katie was born and raised by her father, Ronald Rost that is a German-American and also her mother, Rynthia Rost. Her mom used to work as the vice president of publicly affairs in ~ Geico since 1994. Although her father passed on in 2000, Katie and her mom seem to have a wonderful relationship and also founded the Ronald F. Rost Charitable structure in 2006 in memory of her father. That is not well-known if she has any kind of siblings. We will upgrade this section when this info is available.

Katie Rost Wedding

Katie Rost Married /Husband

Rost was married to she beloved husband Dr. James Orsini. The couple did their wedding on 29th October 2012in clear Hill Farm, Lincoln, Va and together they room blessed v three youngsters namely, Renee Orsini, and a set of twins Kathryn Orsini and also James Rocco Orsini. They later experienced marital challenges and also called the a quit. Rost and Dr. James parted methods in 2016.

Katie Rost Children

Rost in addition to her lover husband mutual two daughters namely, Kathryn Orsini, Renee Orsini, and also a son, James Rocco Orsini.

Katie Rost network Worth

Rost has actually an approximated net worth of $3 million dollars as of 2020. This has her assets, money, and income. She primary resource of earnings is she career together a model and reality television personality. V her assorted sources the income, Rost has been able to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to command a usual lifestyle.

Katie Rost Measurements and Facts

Here room some interesting facts and body dimensions you have to know about Katie Rost.

Katie Rost photo

Katie Rost Wikipedia

Full Names: Katie RostPopular As: American modelGender: FemaleOccupation / Profession: TV personalityNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: WhiteReligion: not KnownSexual Orientation: Straight

Katie Rost Birthday

Age / exactly how Old?: 41 year old as of 2021Zodiac Sign: CancerDate of Birth: 7 July 1980Place the Birth: Potomac, Maryland, unified StatesBirthday: 7 July

Katie Rost body Measurements

Katie Rost Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Ronald RostMother: Cynthia RostSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): no KnownMarital Status: MarriedHusband/Spouse: not AvailableDating / Boyfriend: not ApplicableChildren: sons ( James Rocco Orsini) Daughter(s) (Kathryn Orsini, Renee Orsini)

Katie Rost net Worth and also Salary

Net Worth: $3 millionSalary: To be updatedSource that Income: From her career as a Model

Katie Rost RHOP

The genuine Housewives of grape max star Katie has actually not to be an official Housewife since Season 1 return she does proceed to do appearances on the fact television show. The main talk of the season surrounded Ashley Darby’s husband, Michael, and also his sexual attack allegations wherein a cameraman accused that of inappropriately touching his butt.

Although the court dismissed the situation due to inadequate evidence, every the RHOP ladies except Monique Samuels still believe that Michael is guilty and also hiding his attraction come men. Rost never resisted getting associated in the drama, as she has actually talked around the instance multiple times.However, she claims she can’t go in-depth due to the fact that Bravo fired her.

Katie Rost Russell Simmons

The previous Real Housewives of potomac star Rost self-proclaimed the is comes to ex-boyfriend Russell Simmons‘ defense together he encounters rape and also sexual misconduct allegations.“I did want to offer a different suggest of view because sometimes ns think that a pile on,” she newly told web page Six.

What happened to Katie Rost?

Rost was apparently fired after ~ the very first season for her uninspired storyline. She lastly showed up on the display in season four as a regular cast member. Later on on, she saw Los Angeles where Jesse, an it businessman, is based, Rost is now earlier on the east Coast, near her kids, of whom she ex-husband has actually custody.

Katie Rost and Andrew Martin

Rost and also Andrew Martin are couples. Andrew is an invest executive. She narrated exactly how they met in 2016 by informing the yes sir Magazine, “Andrew and I in reality met v my mother”. “My mommy belongs to a golf club that Andrew likewise belongs to, and she type of like collection us up.”

She claimed that her mother was concerned around her, “She felt favor I had actually gone v this horrible divorce and she just wanted me to gain out there and also start dating again,” Rost go on explaining the her mother, Rynthia, was the one who was playing Cupid.

“Andrew fits the mold the the sort of male my mommy likes: He functions in finance, he’s never ever been married, he has actually no kids, he makes a nice income. For this reason he obtained like five gold stars from mine mom.” Katie said.

Katie Rost actual Housewives of Potomac

The actual Housewives of grape max (RHOP) is one American truth Television series that to be aired in Bravo, it aired its very first episodes ~ above 17th January 2016. The series is based on a media franchise well-known as The real Housewives which has actually broadcast ‘four seasons. That is a story about an individual lives and professional people of miscellaneous women residing in ~ Potomac, Maryland.

The present stars various casts including; Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Charrisse Jackson-Jordan, and Rost. Rost left the group after the an initial season, and Jackson-Jordan to be a girlfriend of the housewives in the third. The remaining housewives later on joined in the various other (new) seasons: Samuels in the second and likewise Dillard in the third. The following is the attach to monitor in order come watch some of the episodes;

Frequently inquiry Questions about Katie Rost

Who is Katie Rost?

Katie is a famous American model and TV personality. She gained considerable recognition after appearing as a cast member that the Bravo TV series, The actual Housewives of grape max (RHOP).

How old is Katie Rost?

Rost is 41 year old as of 2021, she is one American national born top top 7 July 1980, in Potomac, Maryland, united States.

How tall is Katie?

Rost stands in ~ a elevation of 1.78 m.

Is Katie married?

No, she was married to Dr. James Orsini top top 29th October 2012. They were blessed through three children namely Renee Orsini, and also a collection of pair Kathryn Orsini and also James Rocco Orsini. They later on experienced marital challenges and called the a quit. Rost and Dr. James parted methods in 2016.

How much is Katie Rost worth?

She has actually an approximate network worth of $3 million. This amount has been accrued from her leading roles in the an innovative entertainment industry.

How much does Katie make?

Her value is still under review, we are keeping tabs and also will upgrade this information immediately it is available.

Where walk Katie live?

Because of an individual reasons, she has not mutual her specific location of residence. Us will automatically update this info if we gain the location and images of her house.

Is Rost dead or alive?

She is alive and also in an excellent health. There have actually been no reports of she being noble or having any health-related issues.

Where is Katie Now?

Rost is quiet an active participant in the an imaginative entertainment industry.

Katie Rost Contacts


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