Katt Williams plans to have the last word top top this controversial matter.Earlier this week, a video surfaced of Williams being inserted in a chokehold by a 17-year-old boy. Man spread…


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Katt Williams plan to have actually the critical word on this controversial matter.

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Earlier this week, a video clip surfaced the Williams being put in a chokehold by a 17-year-old boy. Man spread throughout social media regarding why the well known comedian involved in a physics altercation v a minor, which appeared to stem indigenous a problem on the football field.


While in Gainesville, Ga., Williams joined a game of soccer with a few kids, when all of a suddenly he walks off the turf while exchanging inaudible words with the teen. Cameras complied with to wherein viewers check out just exactly how Williams involved land a punch on the 17-year-old, called Luke Wash, and then tussled to the ground if spectators stood by and also watched the step unfold.

After Walsh common his side of the story, stating the Williams provoked him, the 42-year-old is burying the issue once and also for all. During his stand-up set at the Barclays facility Friday night (March 25), Williams claimed the altercation started after Wash said “some slick sh*t” throughout the duration of the game.


“I said, ‘Hey, you know y’all can’t win this game, therefore why would certainly you to speak f**k me?’ that said, ‘Well what you going come do around it?"” Williams explained. “I said, ‘Listen, you recognize I’m in trouble with the motherfu**ing law, you check out all these world recording. But just know if I deserve to take her a** roughly this motherfu**ing corner, I’ll explain to you, you don’t speak to get an impression ni**as choose that.”

The scene wherein Williams sits through his back against a brick wall surface was to present the teen that Williams wasn’t searching for a fight, the stated, yet once wash stood end him, Williams knew something was around to occur.

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“I say to myself let me stand up and let this ni**a view that even though we’re the very same size you’re a small boy. I’m a grown a** man. I deserve to hit you with this broken fist and get blood, I simply want you to have actually a bloody mouth so that you have the right to have the lesson later,” the said. “That’s what happens as soon as you speak slick sh*t to grown a** men since maybe castle ni**as can’t teach girlfriend that, yet a ni**a that have the right to hit friend is also a ni**a that can pull the end a gun and also blow her motherf**king brain out. Why would certainly you placed yourself in that position just since you lost a football game?”

Williams’ comments weren’t just aimed Wash. After ~ The Breakfast club co-host Charlamagne Tha God provided Williams “Donkey the the Day,” he caught wind the the occurrence and also proceeded to aim a few profane statements in ~ the Uncommon Sense host. Check out Williams’ responses below.