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Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo is a mexican based Actress. She obtained attention indigenous telenovela Muchachitas because that Televisa in which she appeared in a lead function at the age of 20. Later on, she kept doing Latin American films and television. Yet when she did La Reina del Sur in 2011, in which she was in a lead role, she gained everyone’s attention and hence earning herself massive stardom in America. Moreover, del Castillo has appeared in various famed hit television collection and has also worked in at sight hit films both Mexican and also American.

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Career Highlights

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In 1978, She started her exhilaration career by functioning in ‘The critical Escape’ as a child actress. But in 1991, her work-related in ‘Muchachitas’ was highly appreciated by everyone, and also the present was a super struggle which went off the waiting after receiving a substantial success native Latin American countries.

Family InformationHusband/Spouse(Name):Children/KidsBoyfriend/Girlfriend (Dating)Civil Status
Aarón Díaz (m. 2009–2012), Luis García Postigo (m. 2001–2004)

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Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo
48 years
October 23, 1972
Mexico City, Mexico
American, Mexican
1.65 m, 5 feet 5 inches
60 kg, 132.5 lbs
$13 million

Height, Weight, and Age

Kate Del Castillo"s elevation is pretty typical measuring 1.65 m. The actress weighs 60 kg. Gift born on October 23, 1972, equates to an age of 48 years as of todays day (October 22, 2021).


I have been really fortunate in mine life. I think I have actually an angel that is always with me. An excellent projects always come come me.

Kate Del Castillo

I’m constantly trying to push for women’s rights.

Kate Del Castillo

I offer 110% while ns am working. I understand I do, due to the fact that I have actually been law this because I was nine. This is a means of life for me. So whether it be effective or not is not in mine hands. Ns still carry out my job, the ideal I can.

Kate Del Castillo

I’ve always wanted my very own fragrance; Avon pairs with the way I think: what lock do and represent, what they execute for women, and also the great causes such as residential violence, and breast cancer.

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Kate Del Castillo

If you’re black, if you’re gay, if you’re Latin – we’re all the same. We’re all the same, and we all desire the same: We want to be happy.