Katy Perry"s appearance together guest picker on ESPN"s College Gameday has earned immediate legend standing with she wooing the Oklahoma"s quarterback, and her correct choose of Ole miss upsetting Alabama ~ above the show"s frst trip to The Grove. Now one more memorable moment from her appearance has actually been given new life.

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Katy Perry's appearance as guest picker on ESPN's College Gamedayhas earned instant legend status with her wooing of Oklahoma's quarterback and her correct pick of Ole miss out on upsetting Alabama on the show's first trip to The Grove. Now one more memorable minute from her appearance has actually been given brand-new life.

Perry described LSU together "L-S-Peeeew" ~ above the present while holding increase a corn dog, introduce to a renowned internet meme that Tiger stadion smells prefer the delicious State fair staple. V Les Miles and the many tigers heading to Ole miss out on on Saturday, a reporter chose to questioning the coach what that thought around the popular music star's assertion.

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According come Yahoo Sports, as soon as Miles had the entire 4476mountvernon.comtuation described to him he to be firm in his defense of the team's house turf.

"I guess if that’s the worry — I desire you to know one thing and also I’ll speak it an extremely honestly. I have gone come Tiger Stadium and also never smelled corn dogs."

Miles might not be the best judge that Tiger Stadium's smells though, together he is most likely distracted through that large expanse of delicious grass.


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