"I"m simply trying to carry the Harvard work ethic come , as if it to be an exam," says the 18-year-old college student and also model

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Aoki Lee Simmons is complying with in she supermodel mommy Kimora Lee Simmons' footsteps — literally.

On Wednesday, the 18-year-old model and current Harvard student (she's studying political science) reduce her first collaboration v JustFab, the company her renowned mom aided launch back in 2010, v a refreshed collection inspired by the brand's debut line.

In the to exclude, clip indigenous Aoki's time on collection (above), the teen mirrors off the revamped versions of the brand's mules, mary Jane pumps and also sock booties.

"I'm gaining a really chic high-fashion vibe," Aoki, who father is Russell Simmons, speak 4476mountvernon.com. "I really love how whatever looks at sight high-end. Ns don't think shoes need to be expensive to look classy."

And she already has a favorite: the Lu active knit boot. "It's choose a cross in between a sneaker and a boot," she says. "It's really wonderful. And also I'm shocked the the hoe is for this reason high and also they're so comfortable."



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Aoki may be taking incentive from her mother's previous work, however she didn't present her version mom any kind of of the layouts in her arsenal before showing up to shoot the campaign. "I haven't also texted she a photo, yet I'm certain she'll love it," she says.

She go consult with her mother for some advice ~ above life in prior of the camera, however. Kimora's top tip? leave the set far better than when you found it — something she learned from experience.

"When she started modeling, she was very young, like 12 or 13. And also she would leave a mess, a hurricane where she went and she obtained a bad reputation for that," Aoki says. "So now her huge thing in life is come clean increase every bobby pin, move the floor."

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Right now, the teenager is enjoying balancing life as a student and model, speak she feels "much much more settled" as she starts she junior year at Harvard.

"I'm halfway through and also I feeling the excited of gaining in has kind that worn off ... I have a wonderful team of friends," she says. "The teachers space great. The school is great. Ns really try and take benefit of all the library and the books. There's tunnels filled with publications underneath Harvard; I'm make the efforts to check out as plenty of as i can."

But she at some point does desire to do modeling her permanent gig, therefore she's learning just how to apply the "Harvard hustle" to her very own high-profile next hustle.

"I always say Harvard hustle, they're really all about trying brand-new things. Every kid I know has a venture, a next job, a plan," she says. "I wouldn't say it's preparing me well because that fashion yet it's preparing me for ambition and having a setup in mind. I'm just trying to carry the Harvard occupational ethic come , as if it to be an exam. It's absolutely preparing me come 'give your all' in life and be well prepared for things."


Though Aoki has been a fixture of assorted Baby Phat campaigns and runway shows since she to be a baby, the teen states she didn't establish it to be a enthusiasm for her until doing a gig passed follow me from a fellow Harvard student.

"I yes, really loved type of finding the on mine own," Aoki says. "I'm well aware that mine name has actually helped me check out modeling, however I choose that I've discovered an agency on my own and also did my own thing. I'm thrilled that i wasn't pushed. ... There's no pressure, and also I think the no pressure made me discover kind the a love for it on my own."

She newly walked the Pyer Moss show and also said the support from she parents was critical — yet the independence they foster is even better. "I appreciate my parents sort of taking a step back," she says. "They call me, they wish me luck, they give me a kiss top top the way out the door, however they're really much like, 'Go carry out your job, go make her savings, do your thing.'"

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Aoki Lee Simmons Brings her "Harvard Hustle" to she JustFab shoes Collab, inspired by mother Kimora"s an initial Line