This search is bugged. After i beat up thomas a dialogue through Matthew and Fritz immediately triggers:At the end of it ns can pick or choose an north conversation spot, v no indigenous in it. If I choose it Henry start rambling around Matthew and also Fritz acquiring in troubles through somebody in the tavern, miscellaneous that renders no sense and it’s completely disjointed indigenous the A friend in need quest. If I shot to speak to them prior to the fight v Thomas, this wordless conversation alternative does no appear. This conversation finished v the alternative (this time with continuous words) of Henry that can let them turn off the hook or giving them “one much more chance to behave” i beg your pardon again makes no sense with the current quest.

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But that’s not all. ~ I uncovered the scarf looting cutting board I sway him to leave the city, then the quests updates come “Talk to Matthew”, however when I speak to Matthew over there is no conversation about this, the pursuit ends instead. But the journal claims that Frizt and Matthew are angry through me because I walk not enable them to get their revenge through Thomas, something that rather happened. Moreover Matthew and also Frizt leaving town, the innkeeper in Ledetsko says that they are at the Glade inn now.

It provides no sense due to the fact that I convinced Thomas to leave and they should have actually been fine at the mill and also Matthew wanted to court Jane. Rather they room angry at me now and they left, plus there’s the weird wordless conversation alternative that becomes easily accessible after beating up Thomas. I hope this gets fixed in 1.7 due to the fact that the entirety chain seems to be pretty broken and also confusing come play.

PC? mods?, console? console type?, spot #? we room not lengthy distance psychic readers.

Me: PC. Ns haven’t had actually your difficulties nor a an option that has Thomas leave the mill. Ns beat him up this time and got money indigenous the 2 idiots and also that to be that. On come their following disaster.

PC, latest version (1.6)

no mods

My chain is broken now, thomas left and additionally matthew and also fritz without talk to me

The only time I recognize when Thomas pipeline the mill is to walk to the hit area the fritz leads you to.If you desire to do this exactly you may hafta go earlier enough saves and start over and also pick up the game from there. Talk to fritz then Mathew . Insult the guy and and make plan for the fight. Do it & win and talk come those 2 idiots and also get a reward. They leaving the hit area and also go back to the mill and also you go whereby you desire from there. Those 2 idiots then finish up at the: Inn in ~ the glade" location for the following hair mind scheme.

yea i did that currently and after the fight the video game just bugs out and the dialogue i do not care inconsistent (empty wordless choice that renders no sense) and I can’t obtain the reward, the hints on top screen says to speak to Matthew but journal says that Frizt was upset that ns did not offer him the chance to acquire revenge (which is not true) and also that they left town. Very confusing, specifically the component with the wordless conversation selection which is disjointed to the current quest. No matter how countless times I pack back, the game just bugs out

Did you gain the game from steam? GOG?. Go you shot the verify /repair role from among them if you did? space you using a pre 1.6 saves? read here that can cause problems. If every this falls short send a ticket right into WHS support.

it’s a vapor game and also yea the checksum is healthy. This is simply a nasty pest that breaks the matt&fritz chain. One of the plenty of that endured the sweep in between patch 1.4.3 and also 1.6, ns posted that so dev can address this in 1.7

longshot300mag July 17, 2018, 5:43pm #8

gotta be related to steam as I have actually GOG and also never had your problems.

ghilteras July 17, 2018, 10:54pm #9

What are you talking about? heavy steam or GOG renders no difference, the a an insect in the game, there were hundreds favor this, some were resolved in 1.4.3, 1.5 and 1.6 patches, but a lot room still out there choose this one and also they rest the quest chains.

I never had actually a trouble with this quest and I am on PC and use GoG. No one read about others v the same problem. Just you. Send a ticket in. Or shot reloading the game. Don’t use old saves.

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some other troubles like early rising off steeds into the air, straws residence , shaking once moving, villagers no going away and Johan not talking from Pestilence were fixed by patches. Others concerned being on consoles. Associated to particular systems parts IE. : Nivida ansel

The reality YOU did no have difficulties with this quest does not average anything. If you look at the it’s complete of bugs report ~ above quests and for many of them ns did not have actually these bugs, yet these pest exist. Also if ns the only one reporting it it’s still a pest that needs to be solved like any type of other, particularly if it division the pursuit chain.