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For this new main search of the Kingdom Come: Deliverance walkthrough, you will have actually to discover the bandits’ camp in the forest and get together much information as feasible to facilitate the next mission. You’ll also have the opportunity to sabotage the camp in several means that us will detail in this page. To execute this, make sure you have actually at least four bottles the poison v you in ~ the beginning of the mission. You deserve to buy poison from the herbalists of the video game or make part at one alchemy bench. As a an initial step, monitor the trail to the bandits’ camp. Your info differs relying on how you completed the previous mission. The track is nevertheless easy come follow since the camp is located in one ancient village called Pribyslavitz, north of the study area (picture1). As soon as there, you’re walk to have to start scouting. There are number of methods obtainable to scout and sabotage the camp (picture2).

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The Morcock alternative is first set aside. If you have trusted Morcock throughout the quest “My girlfriend Timmy“, you have the right to go to meet any type of bandit and also ask that to take you to Morcock (picture3). The latter is located in the north camp and also when girlfriend speak come him (picture4), a cutscene is triggered. Climate you have to wait for his ceo to join you. The is a trap, however, because his ceo refuses to expropriate you in his ranks and also orders his guys to kill you. You are then required to flee the camp, and the infiltration step ends unexpectedly (picture5). Unfortunately, this succession of events is triggered automatically, also if you shot another an approach of infiltration.


The 2nd method, by much the easiest, is to obtain a complete Cuman armor in order come infiltrate the camp. Us will information this technique a little further. The last method is come purely and also simply sneak right into the camp in ~ night, and also to protect against the safety patrols. The scouting that the bandits’ camp consists of several details points. At very first you need to identify all access to the camp. Strategy the 2 bridges, the north and also the south, so the Henry renders a comment. Climate follow the camp along its east side to find a discreet accessibility allowing a stealth attack (picture6), as well as a road coming from behind (picture7).


Continue your exploration in the northeast to discover the church steeple. Henry comments on this problematic place (picture8). Save going roughly the camp until you with the north where there is an entrance to the Cuman second camp (pictures9-10).


Sneak right into the building and also pick the lock that the chest (picture11) to discover a Cuman armor (picture12). If friend haven’t aided Morcock in the ahead mission, you deserve to disguise yourself as a Cuman and move openly in the camp (picture13).


If the chest is too challenging to open up for you, sneak into the an initial tent on her left. Inside, there is straightforward to open up chest containing numerous Cuman armors (picture14). When disguised, begin your scouting. At the center of the camp, Henry comment on the area because it might accommodate an important battle (picture15). Once going up in the direction of the phibìc of the camp, near the church, a cutscene is prompted where you check out Runt executing one of his males (picture16). Currently that you have actually all the tactical informations available, you have actually the opportunity to sabotage the camp to facilitate the upcoming fight in the following mission. That is very recommended to finish this objective as the following mission can be too an overwhelming to succeed otherwise.

The first sabotage is to toxicity the cauldrons that the camp. You can discover a bottle of poison in the hut wherein the Cuman armor is, on a barrel. Girlfriend can also find bottles of poison in number of chests the the camp. Connect with a cauldron (picture17) to to water the toxicity inside yet make sure you don’t have anyone roughly you because your disguise won’t defend you if you’re recorded poisoning the food. There are four cauldrons in the camp, 2 in the Cuman camp (picture18) and also two in the northern camp near the church (picture19).

The second sabotage is to collection fire to the bandits’ share of arrows. This sabotage is less discreet than the poisoning the the cauldrons, so that is strongly advised to perform it last. There are 4 stocks that arrows, two in the Cuman camp, and two in the north camp (pictures20-21).

Once your sabotage and the scouting the the camps are over, go earlier to Radzig come tell that (picture22). When describing the ruins, Radzig establish Pribyslavitz (picture23).

Tell him you tried to count them and choose come tell him that there is a most bandits (picture24). Proceed explaining that you have seen two species of men, bandits and also Cumans. Then talk about their equipment and the ladders they make in the camp. Finally, if you have controlled to sabotage all the facets of the camp, call it come Radzig (picture25).

If you have actually completed all the objectives of this mission, Radzig will certainly reward you through 250 Groschens (picture26). He climate asks girlfriend to walk to Talmberg come ask because that reinforcements from teacher Divish (picture27).

Go come Talmberg and also tell the poor news to Divish who nonetheless accepts to assist Radzig (picture28). You then have to choose whether you want to begin the following mission ideal away or not. The is far better to to speak “I have actually to acquire ready first” in order to usage a Saviour Schnapps (picture29). Without doubt the complying with mission have the right to be very an overwhelming according to your present level. Girlfriend will likewise be compelled to challenge Runt head to head in ~ the end of the mission, and no dialogue choices are easily accessible to stop this fight. V a conserve you will be able to load your game, in order to boost your character through the next quests, if needed. Additionally know that the quest has actually no deadline, for this reason you can do it countless hours after there is no problems. As soon as you room ready, you deserve to return to teacher Divish to tell that (picture30) and to immediately start the next quest dubbed “Baptism the Fire“.

Tip: If you really can’t complete this quest, recognize that you have the right to make a save before, and simply rush into the camp to quickly sabotage every the cauldrons and arrows. Also if the enemies have checked out you poison the cauldrons, they will certainly still eat in it. This is plainly not the most appealing method, but it works.

Go come Talmberg and tell the bad news to Divish who however accepts to aid Radzig (picture28). You then have to choose whether you want to start the following mission appropriate away or not. That is better to speak “I have to get ready first” in stimulate to usage a Saviour Schnapps (picture29). Indeed the adhering to mission have the right to be very difficult according to your existing level. Friend will also be required to challenge Runt head to head in ~ the finish of the mission, and also no dialogue options are obtainable to prevent this fight. With a save you will be able to load your game, in stimulate to enhance your character v the next quests, if needed. Likewise know the the quest has actually no deadline, therefore you deserve to do it many hours after there is no problems. When you room ready, you deserve to return to teacher Divish to tell that (picture30) and also to automatically start the next quest referred to as “Baptism of Fire“.

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Tip: If you really can’t complete this quest, understand that you can make a conserve before, and also simply rush right into the camp to conveniently sabotage all the cauldrons and arrows. Even if the adversaries have checked out you poison the cauldrons, they will still eat in it. This is plainly not the most appealing method, but it works.